What the Funk!

It probably wasn’t a good idea to get on the Face App train.

It was horrible! I also at the same time got sick, coincidence?! Nope.

It is certainly true that our negative mindset lowers our immune system and makes us vulnerable for viruses 🦠 to get in.

We are also more sensitive to people’s words and behaviours and because our mind is already negative we are more skewed towards seeing and experiencing more negative 👎 things happening ‘to us’. Our heart is already broken so we can easily find things to hurt our heart even more.

The question is, how do we get out of the funk when we are in it? The answer i have for you is really underwhelming so let me chat some more.

These funks that we have in our life are necessary and helpful for our personal growth in life. When we come through them we are stronger and wiser then we once where. NO-ONE is immune to getting into a funk… It’s part of the human experience and it is how we grow.

We need to learn to accept it…

We always want to move away from pain. So we become impatient to get rid of it, and we do things that can hurt us even more. We push the envelope and we can become unrealistic with ourselves and our expectations to bounce back.

I know that I am familiar with pushing it away, even with my wisdom about embracing the little beautiful messed up crap of it all.

I am guilty of putting pressure on my husband to be more than what he is, or can offer me.

I also get a little psychotic around the cleanliness and organisation of my life, normally a very chilled out home maker, in times of darkness i become a haunted version of Marie Kondo. So if you ever notice that my home is super clean and neat, be worried, be very worried!!!

Can you nod your head to any of the above?

Maybe in your dark days you drink two litres of coffee instead of your normal daily cup.

A really clear sign that we are running away is the fact that we drop the things in our day that bring us peace and happiness. Catching up with friends, meditating, exercise or even just cooking or preparing meals can be cleared from our lives.

The way we get out of the dark periods in our life is to accept and let it be, allow ourselves the space to throw a pity party and then show love and compassion towards ourselves, reach out to friends for help and then if it’s still hanging around go and get some help, there are so many professionals that can help us, get moving and wake up to our awesomeness.

If you are having long periods in the funk the above still applies, except you need to keep going, keep working on it, YOU WILL GET THROUGH IT, if you do the work.

Always remember, you are not alone. Everyone and I mean EVERYONE, experiences the funk!

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