Hi there, I'm Lucy Ellis

About Me...

I've been a therapist for mental and emotional wellbeing since 2008, but ever since I was a little girl, I was interested in what's going on for people, my family nickname was Esme Watson from A Country Practice, for those of you too young, and missed out on the great Aussie show, Esme was the one always sticking her nose in everyone else's business. I'm based in Newcastle, NSW Australia, with my husband, three children, dog, and house plants. 

I was only 28 when I started my private practice, as my experience grew, I also went through some powerful mental and emotional growths myself. I've spent years healing from PTSD, working through my self worth blocks and childhood traumas, learning more techniques to support both myself and you, which leads me to where I am today!

When I'm not holding space for you in therapy, you can find me cooking, cuddling my dog or laughing with anyone that wants to be silly with me

What I do in a nutshell: I work with mums and women who are dissatisfied with their life and feel the pressure of balancing all the balls in the air. I support them to settle their nervous system, calm their mind, find balance and harmony within themselves and heal their past so they can have a happier healthier future. 

So, why should you choose me to be your therapist?

- I hold a beautiful safe space for you to land

- I have over 14 years experience supporting women to grow their self worth muscle.  

- I offer a unique therapeutic approach that is experiential, somatic, imaginative, creative, and deeply healing.

- Combining my personal life experience, my thousands of previous clients, and my huge heart. I have the ingredients to create a rich therapeutic experience for you. 

Lucy Ellis Online Therapist specialising in hypnotherapy, dream therapy and family constellations
  • Diploma of Hypnotherapy, South African Modern Hypnotherapy Association, 2008

  • Certificate in Embodied Experiential Dreamwork, Dr. Leslie Ellis, 2021

  • Certificate in Family Constellations, 12 Day Training with Francine Jorda, 2019

  • Certificate in Resource Therapy Training, Tracy Lynch, 2018

  • Certificate in Family Constellations, 4 Day Training with Francine Jorda, 2017


Want to learn more about me?

Lucy Ellis Online Therapist specialising in hypnotherapy, dream therapy and family constellations

As a sensitive kid, a rebellious teenager, an adventurous young adult and a passionate mum. I have ridden the highs and lows and sometimes cyclonic waves of my emotions. I have worked through my crippling anxiety, I've gone deep into understanding my skin and allergy issues from an emotional mental space. I've learned how to change my own belief systems which grew my self worth, and I have taken radical ownership over my life. One most recent change is to work from home to be more present for the family. Who am I kidding, I just wanted to be close to the house plants. 

I am now extremely fortunate to have created a practice where I work from home, in my own time.  My husband and I love to travel, so now I can take my practice with me all over the world. I can't imagine a life where I don't do this work. The women I get to hold space for everyday, throw logs on the fire in my belly that evokes a passion in me to support as many women as I can to be the change they want for their children, and this fire ain't dying anytime soon.  





  •  My favourite colour is yellow

  • I love the finer things in life, good wine, good food and great friends

  •  I'm an oxymoron. A raging extrovert, that likes to hide away in my office with my dog

  • My husband is South African, and we lived there for 7 years, two of our three children where born there.

  • I'm a serial book buyer and never reader. I have good intentions. I blame my addiction to Tik Tok.

  • Favourite TV show: Yellow stone (Beth Dutton is my soul sista and Rip is my free pass), and 1883.

  • Forest bathing is my ultimate stress reliever. 

  • I'm a wild camp girl, the more rugged the better, I don't mind having to use a long drop. National parks are far more attractive to me than crowded caravan parks. 

  • I never cook the same recipe twice.