Happy Clients

I love hearing from clients about the impact that our work together has had on their lives. I am honoured to be able to share some of this feedback with you. If you would like to leave me a review of your own you can send me an email or leave a review on google, or leave a review on facebook. I appreciate your words so much.

Lucy Ellis is a miracle worker. My daughter adored her and, as she helped my daughter sleep in her own bed for the first time in a few years, I think I adore her more!!
I have already recommended Lucy to several friends.


Lucy Ellis is a remarkable hypnotherapist. I have had two sessions with her recently and the results have been amazing. She is also a wonderful, kind person so that makes working with her even better. I recommend her to anyone having challenges in any area of their life. I can’t recommend her enough.


Lucy is amazing. Her method made me feel so safe and relaxed in her space , and the results were mind blowing after my first session.
I highly recommend Lucy to anyone who wants to experience hypno without the fear of feeling vulnerable.


Lucy supported me so wholeheartedly in overcoming a block I was experiencing. She gently led me through what was going on for me and used an amazing therapy to heal a part of myself that I had been neglecting. I finished with Lucy feeling so held and guided and felt so incredible for the rest of the day. This session with Lucy really allowed me to move forward from a place of presence which I am super grateful for. Lucy is an incredible woman and hypnotherapist!


Lucy is fantastic at what she does. Hypnotherapy has been so effective for me and for anyone who is thinking of trying it, I say go for it!
I love doing my sessions on zoom in my own space, it feels very comfortable, natural and just as effective as an in person consult, if not more.
After having a chat with you about what’s been going on, Lucy is very creative in the way she delivers you your tailor made session. The benefits are noticeable immediately and even more powerful with regular sessions. I have completely changed my mindset and outlook on life, I am happier and healthier than ever before.


I have seen Lucy quite a number of times recently and in the past. All I can say is she is amazing! She is an amazing hypnotherapist and practitioner who knows her stuff, and just an all round beautiful person who just really cares and wants to help women be their most amazing self. I can’t recommend her highly enough. She has certainly helped and guided me on the road to becoming my most amazing self!


Lucy is amazing - a great advisor for teenage girls and women


Lucy Ellis is absolutely Awesome. Just finished her LYS workshop and I can't recommend it enough. It has changed my life and I also made some great friends. Every woman should do this and Love themselves Sic !


I am 2 years down the road of first doing work with Lucy, & I am still experiencing and enjoying big breakthroughs.
This hypnotherapy work and her designed programs are very powerful, and continues to work amongst the different layers of our lives and our being as we are willing to connect & do our homework.
I am loving and enjoying a freedom I have never experienced in my life before, thanks to my work with Lucy & recommend her work to you.


I finished my 90 day RYI program on the 1/1/2018. I was amongst 8 beautiful women who I now call sistas. It was absolutely an amazing way to finish 2017 and to start 2018. There are no words to be able to thank Lucy for all her work but her hyno audios we received during the program not only helped me then but continue to help me now. Our lives are a constant work in progress and Lucy has given me the tools to help me be the best possible version of myself. I don’t need to be perfect to achieve that


I have done two of Lucy’s programs now and also been a private client for some years. She has really supported me in a wonderful way with some very deep stuff. She really specialises in Womens needs and tailors all of her work specifically to assist women to achieve whatever they wish to achieve!
I can’t thank Lucy enough, she goes above and beyond. Even when you finish a program with her she stays connected, she has created Facebook groups to ensure everyone that has gone through her programs remain connected and she is very active in the groups constantly giving new tips tricks and challenges.
What a beautiful therapist and human!


Lucy has a warm and friendly personality and makes me feel safe and supported to share my personal challenges and goals. I have seen her one-on-one and completed her Rock Your Imperfect program. Lucy helped me to be confident with my authentic self and work on changing some bad habits. Lucy is so great at bringing women together to support each other and I'm now connected to a group of amazing women who are always there to offer advice and friendship.


Lucy has created a sacred space for women to be real and vulnerable, where we can learn to reconnect with ourselves and each other. Love Yourself was a totally unique experience unlike any other and well worth the effort of showing up on day one. By week 12 I made beautiful friends and feel more comfortable in my own skin, imperfections and all, than I have in a very long time. You have nothing to loose and everything to gain by connecting with Lucy and her amazing community she has built.


Lucy Ellis, you rock my world. You have helped me shift the last of my anxiety and showed me a brand new world. You have given me the confidence to act with certainty and ease and my suitcase is overflowing with tools to help me in times of struggle. Thank you lovely, you will always be an inspiration and support. You're not done with me yet!


Life changing work! Lucy is amazingly talented at waking women up to our AWESOME!


Just had my first ever hypnotherapy session with Lucy Ellis. What an amazing process! I accessed a part of me that needed some attention and received great insights into my journey so far. Lucy was kind and nurturing and respectful of my process. Every little bit I take the time to look at brings such new learning to take forward. Thanks Lucy.


I came with unresolved grief from my mothers passing – and a younger cousins passing …. Although I don’t believe I have ever suffered depression I was experiencing ANXIETY– which de faulted straight to ANGER …. I found no answers within myself … And at seventy years young this was “”ANNOYING/ FRUSTRATING”” I felt GREAT RELIEF after session one — followed soon with session two … This CEMENTED THE RESOLUTIONS AND GAVE ME IMMENSE HOPE .. With inner calm ( a nice NEW feeling for the”” TAURUS BULLY / save the world and yourself person “”). The third and final session ( I KNOW there will be more anytime I need them to REMAIN FEELING THIS GREAT !! !!) was like BEAUTIFUL CREAM FONDANT ON THE BEST CAKE —- making me own a confidence in a serene future … I have the TOOLS … Life is AWESOME !!❤️❤️


Organised my mum to see Lucy for travel anxiety....a huge THANKYOU to Lucy as my mum is currently in New Zealand having an amazing time.
We may have created a monster hehehehe


Lucy is a absolutely wonderful lady who is very professional and easy to feel comfortable around. She was able to get rid of a habit/compulsion which I had since childhood that affected me every single day and I thought I'd never get out of the rut.
Lucy has honestly changed my life! I cannot thank her enough and I am forever grateful! ☺️


Lucy you gorgeous creature, you've done it again. My precious niece has just finished her LYS experience & she loved every moment of it. She called me tonight & read me your letter to her. Not only have you understood her completely but I could hear the confidence in her voice. Thank you so much for teaching her how beautiful & special she is & giving her tools to get her through any challenges she might face. You're doing such special work with all of the people lucky enough to pass your way. Love you (& myself) to pieces ❤️


I've recently seen Lucy for some intense anxiety issues honestly can't explain just how much she has changed my life. I forgot what it felt like to be this happy, calm & energised.. It took me a long time to actually commit to going to see her but I wish I did it sooner... If your thinking the same thing just do it & I guarantee you wont ever look back


I have tried everything (and I mean everything) to lose weight. I sawLucy 4 times and listened tomy audio and I lost weight. Easily and pain free. It was the best thing ever! Plus Lucy is awesome!


Lucy was able to give me the mind set to stop smoking but have the confidence in myself that I was now actually a non-smoker and would continue to want to be a non-smoker… it’s been a month & half and still none!


I now understand how to go within myself to a deep peaceful place and always feel so calm and re-energized and motivated afterwards.


Without Lucy and her approach to my problems I do believe that I would not have progressed or advanced to the new and happy place that I am in now much thanks and appreciation goes out to her and her very professional and talented skills


Lucy helped me to believe that I am in control again and to eliminate the feelings of loss if I say no to things I am truly not interested in having in my life.


Thank you Lucy…. words cannot explain how grateful I am being part of Love Yourself Sick hypnotherapy. Not only did I meet you and 4 fabulous ladies you have helped me overcome my insecurities and help me let go of the guilt I have been holding onto for years. You have taught me to be kind to myself and secure within my skin. But most of all to Love Myself Sick!!!!! Thank you Lucy and my 4 fabulous Ladies!!!!!!


Thanks Lucy. I have lived my 12 weeks doing LYS. I’m a hands on learner so the activities help me to remember each technique or strategy when I need to. Thank you also for helping me to understand myself and found out what I want in life. Exactly why I wanted to do your workshop for. Thanks. Xxx


Loved my time participating in Lucy’s LYS programme. I was very hesitant at the first session, but Lucy’s warm, nurturing personality soon had us all at ease.Learnt SO much about myself and about the many creative, fun ways I can improve how I feel about life in general and most importantly about myself. I thoroughly recommend this programme to all women. heart emoticonThanks Lucy. I have lived my 12 weeks doing LYS. I’m a hands on learner so the activities help me to remember each technique or strategy when I need to. Thank you also for helping me to understand myself and found out what I want in life. Exactly why I wanted to do your workshop for. Thanks


Wow! I can’t believe the difference my sessions with Lucy have made to my life. I sought Lucy’s help to loose weight and regain my fitness level. From working together with Lucy in a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere and listening to the personalized audio’s I have at last found the focus, drive and confidence to achieve my goals. The weight has fallen off and my fitness level increased to new heights. Thankyou Lucy.


We worked together for very amazing results.The tapes were brilliant giving me support when I truly needed it, I was able to hang onto lots of phrases eg, be kind to your body, its abeautiful day, you have done so well.


I am a non-smoker thanks to Lucy Ellis. The hypnotherapy sessions with Lucy were pleasant and the results well worth it. I have not smoked since my first session and after only three sessions I know that I will never smoke again. It is liberating!


Lucy was able to tap into what I needed to be able to put into place the changes I wanted to make. I have some good methods that kick in on a sub conscious level that have made my struggle to lose weight so easy after years of frustration.


The sessions with Lucy helped me learn how to relax and I have used techniques learnt through hypnotherapy to relax in situations which I feel anxious (i.e. the dentist)


Lucy’s cheerful and friendly demeanor was helpful. She helped me relax and achieve positive outcomes from our sessions together.


Lucy has helped me to understand how to calm myself by breathing and change my thought process.


Lucy was insightful in her exploration to understand my needs. She had the ability to adopt a personal relationship without losing her professional role. She helped me to analyse and understand my situation. Her cds will be an ongoing support for me.


Lucy has helped me to gain the confidence to tackle and be successful at stopping smoking. She helped me to believe and see myself as a non smoker and I’ve been able to put this into practice in the “real” world.


I went to Lucy to loose weight – I have lost 10kg over 8weeks. still using to audios, I hope to lose another 8-10kgs. feeling very positive. she helped me improve my attitude towards exercising.


I wish I had visited Lucy years ago, she changed my whole outlook from negative to positive, now my mind is working for me instead of against me!


Lucy instantly puts you at ease. She asks pertinent questions to be able to deliver a personal session. I highly recommend Lucy’s practice.


Lucy was very patient and always makes you feel comfortable talking about your issues. She is very compassionate.


Lucy enabled me to focus upon my current behaviour and learn to modify and control things which had in the past been out of control or overwhelming


Lucy was amazing. I am now on track with my health eating habits and exercise. Thanks Lucy


I went to Lucy using a Scoopon for weight loss, and thought I would give it a go, not really expecting much, however right from the initial consult, starting seeing immediate results from my recording. I would definitely recommend Lucy to anyone who struggles with weight loss due to the constant “battle” in their mind of help vs hinder. I no longer struggle making the right choices because I no longer even think about it – healthy eating is now just an automatic process.


Before seeing Lucy I was overweight, depressed and miserable. Since I have lost 12 kilos, I have halved my anti depressants and feel more in control of my life, comfortable with who I am and confident that I will be able to keep improving in the future by using the audio cd’s and the tools Lucy taught me.


I had been drug dependent for a seriously long time. Lucy tapped into the source of my problem , revealed it to me and made it seem microscopic, this allowed me to flick it away like an annoying bug. My habit has been stopped in its tracks and I’m left wondering how on earth I got myself into that predicament in the first place. I feel great and so relieved that that uncontrollable aspect of my life is now over.


I found Lucy to be a very calming influence with a positive demeanor…she helped me realise that Hypnotherapy can work.


Lucy has a magic wand that lies within her wonderful words. She helped and showed me how to become a non-smoker. I am forever grateful. Thank you :-)