Emotional Processing 

 The relationship we have with our emotions is a representation of the relationship we have with ourselves.

Emotions create a portal of healing toward self-love. 

Stuck? Overwhelmed? 

Our emotions are meant to move through us. They are energy in motion. When we ignore and push down our emotions we stop them from doing their job of moving through us. Then these emotions will become stuck in our body, we will keep retriggering them and they get bigger. They grow and then we become stuck in numb, as we have stopped ourselves from feeling anything, or the opposite is we become overwhelmed with many confusing emotions that feel all too big and take us over. 

Both are not ideal. Both are a result of having an unhealthy  relationship with our emotions and both can cause a lot of emotional, mental and physical damage. 

It doesn't have to be this way!

With support, you can learn how to process these emotions and feel better.

Image by Rhand McCoy

Our lack of Emotional literacy and awareness  has certainly created a lot of todays pain and suffering in the world. As a whole, we don't know what to do with emotions. We feel uncomfortable when someone expresses their pain, we are scared at the thought of confronting our own emotions, and worry that once we open something up inside of us we wont be able to return to the safety of normality. 

I know these feelings of avoidance myself and I know just how scary it feels. I also know and live on the other side of that fear. I feel the freedom everyday of knowing myself inside out and being able to hold myself well when emotions do pop up.

I am passionate about supporting women to connect with themselves through their emotions, as this is in fact the deepest form of self love. 

I use resource therapy, embodiment practices, dream work and family constellations and a little hypnosis to support you in processing your emotions. If you are wanting to let go of a body full of emotions, I'm your lady, book a session with me today to begin the work. 

How unprocessed emotions impact our life.

We live in a world where our emotions have been squashed. We have been told we are too sensitive, stop crying, be quiet and given strong messages that our emotions carried on the outside is inconvenient for others to see and experience. Even our happy emotions where not allowed sometimes. Who here remembers squealing with excitement when you were little, or talking really loudly cos you were just so vibed up for life and being told to calm down?So, to keep the peace, to fit in and to act cool, we learnt how to squash them down. We have done a pretty great job of it, and now we have people dying of heart failure at a rapid rate, cancer is out of control and so is auto immune disease.

Merry-Go-Round Fun

What does this have to do with squashing down our emotions?

Well a lot actually. Everything maybe! You see, if we don't give space for our emotions to move through us they stay stuck inside of us, and because we are not releasing them, they get stored in our tissues. 

Our heart is a powerful organ. It doesn't only keep blood pumping around our body, no. It does far more for us. Our heart is the second brain. Its the brain that is hard wired for connection. It vibrates outside of us and flickers to warn us of danger and senses the world around us. It has been proven that our heart knows what is going to happen .8th of a second before it happens. It's a highly intuitive and spiritual organ. I believe our soul resides in our heart.

When we work through our emotions, it's like a healing balm to the heart. it opens up and expands. it softens and settles. it becomes healthier. 

We have less judgement on ourselves and others and we are more connected with life. Processing our emotions allows the love to flow easily. 

Processing your emotions is a sure fire way to keep yourself physically and mentally healthy.

What does this involve exactly?

There is only so much preparation you can do before you start the work on dealing with these unprocessed emotions. A lot of it is just mentally preparing yourself to take a deep breathe and dive in with me. 

I have a beautiful gentle nurturing nature that will hold you well while you get to do this work, and I think this is imperative in being able to work these emotions through you. Always look for a therapist that you connect with, and that is why I suggest you book in a half an hour phone chat with me to see if I'm the right fit for you. 

The processes I use are varied, depending on the emotions that are showing up on the day, and yes they show up. Anything that is unprocessed within us will come to the surface when the time is right. 

Image by Austin Neill

If you've been to a therapist before for the first time and that first session you barely get hello out and your crying. This is because all of these hurt parts of you are so desperately ready for the process. 

After getting you to feel comfortable and chatting for a bit, I will mainly work with you, with your eyes closed as it sets the scene for an inward focus and it stops any exterior visual distractions. We talk about how the emotion feels in the body and we look for the wisdom within this emotion, we let the emotion lead the way and have full autonomy over how it wants to be expressed and what it needs to say. We will then love this vulnerable part and give it many resources that will support it, to keep it in it's own healing love bubble. 

Afterwards you may feel raw and vulnerable, so it's always great to have a little time to yourself after the session to deeply rest for a while before getting on with the rest of your day.