Women's Support Services

Unclaimed beauty is devastating. Journey with me back home to yourself where you can experience who you are, with awe and wonder. Hold that little girls hand that you left long ago and give her permission to play to the beat of her own drum. Live your life out loud and wake up to your magnificent beauty.

Love Your Self (LYS) program

Having individual sessions is powerful, you can shift and move through a lot of pain. However, have you ever experienced the power of working on yourself in a group? Deep healing happens in community. To be seen, heard, held, and loved by many in a group is potent healing work. 

I’ve been running this 90 day group program for 8 years now and have boosted over a thousand women’s self-worth.  The impact this program has on you is life changing and these changes last a lifetime. 

The program consists of a two hour group session every week for twelve weeks. The groups are limited to 8 women and a private Facebook group is created for connection in between sessions. The topics and themes experienced together are; Vulnerability, beliefs, belonging, the order of love, giving and receiving love, self expression, self compassion, gratitude and manifestation, listening to our bodies wisdom, living true to our Human design, Healing through dream work.

 Throughout the program you will receive over ten hypnotherapy audios to support the work we do, these audios will be yours forever to use as an ongoing self care practice.

Image by Rhand McCoy

“Thank you Lucy.... words cannot explain how grateful I am being part of LYS. You and the beautiful ladies in my group helped me overcome my insecurities and let go of the guilt I have been holding onto for years. You have taught me to be kind to myself and secure within my skin. I can honestly say for the first time in my life I love myself.” 

If you wish to enquire further about the details of when the next program starts then please book in a half an hour phone chat where we can discuss how this program can create real and long lasting positive change in your life.  

A life midwife

The limitations to only having a few sessions with a therapist is that you isolate an issue and you skim the surface of the pain.  Although you can feel amazing after a few sessions, the deep transformation can only occur when you are given more time, trust, and connection with a therapist. 

Imagine what you can shift with regular therapy sessions over a one year period. My life midwife program is for women who are really ready to stop struggling and gift space to show up for themselves at regular fortnightly sessions and birth in them their truest and healthiest version. 

This intimate space we share together will assist you to Keep regular practices, live a life that aligns with your values, find your spark, follow your passion, create healthier, happier relationships, know yourself deeply and Live a life true to your design.

Women's Emotional & Mental Support Therapy Services

With over 52 hours of creative and diverse therapy, a library of hypnotherapy audios, unlimited live chats through Voxer (app) and me carrying the accountability torch. You will inevitably shift to your most healthiest you.

The wide range of support includes hypnotherapy, a systemic family approach, healing stuck emotions, self expression activities, dream work, active day dreaming, gratitude practices, guided meditation, manifestation, successful goal setting and tracking and human design chart readings. 

If you’re new to me or my work I encourage you to book in for a half an hour free zoom meeting so we can introduce ourselves, get clear on what you’re wanting to achieve for yourself and see if we have the right connection to achieve the outcomes you desire.

Therapy with me 

Whether you are navigating an unhealthy relationship, feel anxious all the time, want to be physically healthier, want to stop drinking as much or overcome a phobia. I can successfully work with you to dissolve these issues and help you to feel stronger emotionally and respond to life’s stresses with healthier behaviours and a more positive outlook on life. 

I have a keen interest in healing emotions that get stuck in our body; grief, rejection, disappointment, fear and confusion being the big ones that can hold us back, make us think in ways we don’t want to think, behave in ways we don’t want to behave and feel the emotion we don’t want to feel. By creating space for this emotion to be expressed it can move through you and not feel so alive and triggering. People often report that they feel lighter, like a weight has been lifted.

Image by Austin Neill

This new found space and relief is the perfect soil to create strong beliefs, a fresh positive mindset and connection to your authentic way of living. Hypnotherapy from this point in the therapy creates the powerful foundation for future focussing and manifestation of your ideal life. 

Sometimes the picture is not so clear, and we need to get deeper, dream work therapy hosts the potent ingredients for this work to be done. Really get to know yourself from the depths of your imagination and through symbolism, metaphor and experiential practices shift deep rooted pain and suffering and connect with your juiciest and honest self. These types of sessions require a homework practice, whereby you track your dreams and work creatively with them through movement, art, and meditation.