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letting go of a relationship

We are always taking life in and letting it go, just watch your breathe. Everything moves through seasons and this is crucial for our growth. Relationships have seasons, and it's in the winter that we make space for death and letting go, so we can step into spring for a better life and new growth. 

Upgrading my life

We are all addicted to growth, in fact we need it for our survival. Most of us are stuck in our growth pattern because of limiting beliefs that keep us playing small and hitting the glass ceiling. This hypnotherapy audio supports you to put down these beliefs and upgrade your life. Call in your most desired life. Raise your vibrations and your standards and turn your should's into musts.

Tame Your Fear

Being fearful about things is normal, it's when our fear gets out of control that it becomes a problem. In this hypnotherapy audio you have an opportunity to tame your fear and take it with you, making it much more settled and for you to feel energised stepping into your next challenge.

Who's in Charge

When our behaviours are not in alignment with our values, we are operating from our child brain, the emotional and reactive part of our brain. This audio will give you awareness to step into your adult brain and take charge of the situation, instead of letting your inner child rule the roost.

Self Compassion

Our inner critic makes us feel terrible about ourselves. Change the internal narrative and meet your self compassion. Get used to being nice to yourself.

No Judgment

When we’re not feeling great about ourselves we can become overly critical and judgey towards others, we externalise our pain and point fingers. This keeps us small and in more pain. This meditation will help you free yourself, give more space and feel better about letting others be who they are. 

Activate Your Courage

Would you love to feel braver in meetings or in conversation to get your message across clearly? This powerful hypnotherapy audio will unleash your courage and have you opening up your throat chakra so you can express yourself freely.

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