Addiction & Hypnotherapy

Free yourself body, mind and soul from attachments that are keeping you stuck in life. Do the deeper dive and healing into what is stopping you from moving away from that which hurts you and keeps your life a lie. 


Hypnotherapy for life

Many people who want to stop an addiction or dependence may have already made multiple attempts to do so before trying hypnotherapy. This pattern can lead to feelings of discouragement, frustration and even hopelessness.

Hypnotherapy increases a person’s chance of success by addressing some of the contributing factors to dependence including low self esteem and emotional trauma, as well as resolving conflicts between conscious and subconscious motivations.

Hypnosis is a tool used to create positive changes in your unconscious mind. It's a natural state of mind and it creates an empowered feeling within you. You are likely to feel a sense of control over your life. 


Hypnotherapy can be used for many different issues, including; addiction and recovery, sleep issues, phobias and emotional pain, motivation and goal setting. All of our subconscious behaviours are  repetitive and addictive. We will do these behaviours even if we don't want to, we will do them regardless of whether they align with our values or not, we will do them even if they destroy a relationship or cause us harm. These addictions can also be healthy; simple daily tasks like brushing our teeth, driving the same way to work each day, even just the way we put our pants on in the morning is an addictive behaviour. It's not causing you harm, but wouldn't it feel different if you didnt put pants on one day? ha ha! We are addicted to fitting in, looking perfect and having it all. We are addicted to busyness. 

Hypnotherapy can help you to get a different perspective on yourself, get a deeper awareness of your triggers, build your self worth, deal with underlying traumas and unprocessed emotions and change your behaviours. 

Healing your Emotions

“Addiction is not a choice that anybody makes; it’s not a moral failure. What it actually is: it’s a response to human suffering.”” - Gabor Mate

There can be many ways in which we get hurt in life. These hurts can leave a scar on our emotional body, making us susceptible to avoidant behaviours. Feeling our big emotions hurts. Thats why we spend our life avoiding them. Until such time comes, when we can't run away from them any longer. Hurtful emotions like grief, rejection, disappointment, fear, confusion and anger can get so big that they stop us from living our lives. They can disable us. 

When you are ready to face these emotions and move through them, I offer a beautiful space in which we can help you process these emotions and feel healthy relief from the pain and feel the clear and light and free feeling of being able to breathe again.