Take an adventure with a group of other seekers like yourself and let's traverse the lands from your head to your heart, through self-discovery, self-inquiry, self-acceptance and self-love.

This is a year long Deluxe program.

We start on the 18th July and I'm inviting only ten women into this high engagement, intimate program. 

An epic adventure

When we work with a therapist for a few short sessions we can traverse a fair bit of ground, we can look at isolated issues that have got in the way of us thriving in our life. We tend to then get on with our life until the next road block appears. Working like this is great when we're in crisis and need to be towed out. 

However, some of the juiciest, deepest and most profound work can be done when we dig a little deeper and spend more time, even when, especially when, we're feeling good. Looking in, connecting with and being open for more growth. The power of longer term therapy can positively impact your life on a cellular level. So, you're not just putting out fires, you're connected to your own happiness and growth, that builds a beautiful foundation for your future life. your everyday mindset, your relationships, your worth and your overall success and intimacy with life. 

Sunset Over Forest

This journey, like any massive adventure, is not for people who are not ready to roll their sleeves up and do the deep dive. You'll be entering a portal of  awareness and sometimes this can be tough to look so closely at yourself. There of course will be some days where you just want to go back to how things where, you might want to dig your heels in and stop, and of course when you rest and take a break, you will be ready to take the next step, because you're held by a group of other beautiful souls all walking the same road with you. Even though this is a beautiful year long program of your own private self inquiry, you will be sharing the journey with 9 other beauties, tripping and falling over together along the way. Where we will make the most out of it, with laughter, connection and encouragement. If your heart is beating faster at the thought of this, then continue to read on, or book your discovery call  in now.

What am I in for?

You might be excited at the prospect of getting to know yourself more intimately, which will in fact deepen your intimacy  with every single person in your life. Change your subconscious destructive patterns and create change on a cellular level, but are scared to jump in cos you are wondering 'what do I have to do to make this happen?' 'What's involved?'

This is fair enough, I don't want anybody to have to take long service leave just to fit this program into their life and I guarantee, that will in fact not be the case. 

You can save up your long service leave for a different type of adventure. 

Let me give you a break down of the ins and outs. 

Woman climbing


A 30-60 minute video to watch introducing the discovery for the next fortnight, the deep dive, giving activities, asking self inquiring questions, offering meditations or hypnotherapy recordings and other relevant resources. 

A live group therapy session done in zoom. In this container, we will have two hours, to share ourselves, be seen, hear and witness others and do interventions, explorations and embodied practices. 

The program where you can locate all the videos, hypnotherapy recordings other resources and techniques and interact with others in the group will be done on my website, in the members area. 

You will also have access to me to talk in the group on Voxer, which is a fabulous walkie talkie app, where we can listen live or later. I can answer questions, support you at any time. you can have me and all the other group members in your back pocket. It's quick and efficient and gives you a very safe and close touch point with all your wonderful sisters, journeying with you. 

The investment to yourself is $4800 

You most certainly can pay it off over the first 3 months of the program. If you do pay for it upfront you will receive the bonus of having a one on one session with me every month for the whole year. 

Date: We start on Monday 18th July 2020. The zoom sessions will be run every second Monday night from 7pm-9pm. 

The five pillars 

If you've worked with me before you would've been touched by my presence and approach and you would be familiar to the work that I have interest and knowledge in. If you're new here, I welcome you. My approach quite simply is to touch the hearts of all that I hold space for, this is in my belief where the healing happens, where the pain transmutes into expansion and the love can flow in the right direction. 

I have 5 lenses that I look through when we do the work from your head to your heart. These pillars are the foundations of this program, Destination Heart.

Family Constellations

 Family of origin, the dynamics, your family tree and learn the story of your ancestors. We explore who or what has been excluded and we find a place for them in our heart. we find our place and we allow for the flow of love to happen.

An evening walk

Emotional Processing

If emotions have not been processed well they can cause us to have a tight, restricted heart. These emotions get stored in our tissues to mutate into illness and keep us stuck in our life. The relationship we have with our emotions represents the relationship that we have with ourselves. When we can lean into our heavy emotions, fully feel and give space to express them, we create a much deeper connection with ourselves. They joy and happiness we want in our life is seeded in the pain and suffering. We can not be biased to our emotions, we must allow them all as they are what the experience of life has gifted us. Having the  bravery to hold them is your key to self love. 


Our thoughts and our head have been given way too much responsibilities in our life, and I know you'll agree with me, we are all stuck in our heads, which leaves us confused and full of fear. In this program we give the mind it's rightful job of bringing in more time for experiencing what's in the moment, taking it all in, allowing more space for inspiration to drop. Decreasing worry and over thinking. This then gives us space to create a more positive default mindset, which creates more problem solving and resilience to anything that happens to us. No longer on the puppet strings of life, but rather grounded in a more meaningful, inspired life. 


What a brilliant deep dive these are!!! Our dreams are the healers within, when we watch them closely our personal growth speeds up. We get to know ourselves on a deeper level where the conscious mind can not interfere with the healing process. During this program we will be working our dreams, so be prepared to go on a big trip of self discovery. You'll experience insights that run deep and settle your healed heart. 

Human Design

Getting to know ourselves through our design is refreshing and can make us breathe a big sigh of relief. The human experience is a complex one and it's very individual. Some people are going to have endless energy others need to rest more. It's important that we know our design so we can relax into it, without having to prove to be someone else and make ourselves sick, frustrated and completely out of flow. During the year we will experiment with our designs and start the deconditioning process, to return home to ourselves. 

The power of Group Therapy 

It's important to know that this program is therapeutic in nature. I know there are many coaching courses out there, they have a completely different vibe to me. I'm first and foremost a therapist. I sit with. I hold space. I offer new perspectives. I listen. I empathise and I also ask questions that can make you feel challenged.

Doing this in a one on one setting is beautiful, and doing it in a group setting is powerful. I hand on heart believe that we heal in community. After all we share this world with 4 billion people, to sit in a private room, to share your sore heart with a therapist only to dry your eyes and head back out into the world with a painted on smile is denying the work of connection that we so deserve and deeply desire.  


The power of being seen in community and held by others is far greater, and offers connections with the group members that some people report not having these same connections anywhere else in their life. It's hard to put into words how it works, it just does. 

This program, Destination heart is a group program of a maximum of ten other women. Women that will start off being strangers and end up being your sisters. I love watching the dynamics of a group, the different characters, the ages, the back stories. and watching how the group comes together, despite all the differences our mind tells us, when we open our hearts, we connect with the shared bitter sweet experience of life. 

Who is it for?

This program is for women who have done a little self development work and found a few changes, but is ready to really turn the dial up and dive right in. Women with goals to increase their confidence, gain inner strength and emotional resilience, stop overthinking or move on from a past relationship.

A mum who knows she has to do something for her family. That recognises she is not giving her best, because of the way she feels about herself. She is ready to do this for herself and knows the impact and the flow on effect this will have on her children and the whole family. If mums heart is settled the whole family breathes a sigh of relief. I really want that for you Mumma. 

Forest Road

This program will touch the heart of any that are willing to soak themselves into the container and be held for healing. The women that show up for themselves regardless. The women that understand they must prioritise themselves and feel their own fulfilment before they can be of service to anyone else. The women who want to find their own joy, find themselves again and make a commitment to themselves. To love and cherish themselves forever. 

I invite you in to join our circle of seekers like yourself. Click the button below to book a call with me, and lets start the adventure today!