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…while you also focus on ticking off your endless ‘to-do’ list! 

 You see, when you’re running around from place to place juggling endless balls of responsibility, the last thing you want to add onto the list is some time to become stress free, people find this…

#1 – A waist of time.


#2 – They feel like they will rest when they get everything done.

Can you relate?

If so, here’s a fun, free strategy I recommend… 

As you move from job to job, take out the urgency!

One of the big challenges faced by the ‘stressed out’ mindset is the fear that comes from slowing down (I know, ridiculous right). 

An excellent way to mitigate this fear is by still doing, doing, doing but just ‘doing’ more slowly. Think of it as taking the foot of the accelerator. 

I like to think of  this fun way of becoming stress free as a way to trick your mind into de-stressing There are so many benefits from being less stressed. By doing this fun simple and easy exercise you will start to feel the benefits of stressing less…some of the gorgeous benefits you might be able to notice will be: 

  1. It becomes easier for you to problem solve.  Instead of feeling fully consumed by everything that is happening, you can just deal with one thing at a time.

  2. You will feel more energised. The more we stress the more it drains our energy. Our sleep suffers and we don’t get the rest our body and mind needs.

  3. You will feel more in control of your behaviours. You will be less likely to overeat or choose unhealthy foods, less likely to rely on other substances like coffee, alcohol to cope.

  4. Feel inspired again. With stress out the picture you can feel more motivated o make changes and to try new things.

  5. Thinking more positively. You can change your mindset to being more ‘yes I can’ and less ‘shit what the hell am I going to do’

  6. You will be a nicer person. less snappy with the kids or loved ones, less likely to have road rage or complain for having to wait too long for service at a restaurant.

  7. Your Mind will feel rested. When we take ou the urgency of now! our mind can also enjoy slowing down.

  8. You take time to notice the little things we normally miss seeing. and we all know it’s the little moments that are really the joys of life.

  9. Feeling happier. you get to enjoy life more.

There are so many more…

If you’re interested in enjoying all of these benefits and more, take your foot off the accelerator, and feel the flow.

Tell me what you think in the comments below.

Do you have a fun ‘stress free’ tip?… I would love to know! Write it below or join me on facebook where I’m adding info about stress and tips to avoid stress.

Lots of love

Lucy x

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