Clearing Your Path To Goal Success


But, the most difficult part about Goal success is actually achieving it!

I work with women on a daily basis to help them achieve their goals. The first step in all of this is to unravel and work out why they have not achieved it in the past. After that is founded, we can then heal and clear the path.

Along the path, we realise that it can be quite long, every day you keep taking steps, and every day you have not quite got there, until you realise it’s the process and the journey that gets you there. I love to teach my women how to fall in love with the journey.

Lastly, we work on standing in our power, and recognising that using our own mindset, we can literally manifest our goal into existence.

I love the goal process, and so too does my colleague Camille Addison, a kinesiologist. That’s why we have teamed up to bring you a 4 session workshop, that will leave you feeling super happy with what you can actually achieve in your life. A revitalised sense of energy to go forth and bring more of the good stuff into your life.

It starts tomorrow night at 6pm.

If you are needing a kick up the butt, or a amplified sense of inspiration, then book your spot using this link here. Payment plans are an option, please email to organise something that suits you.

See you there,

Lucy x

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