Hypnosis Question #1: Will I lose control?

I am sure all of you reading this post has seen or been a part of a stage hypnotist show.  You see these seemingly ordinary people behaving like clowns, apparently controlled by a puppeteer. The click of his fingers and they fall into a deep sleep. 


Would you believe me if I told you that all of those ‘puppets’ up on stage that provide you with hilarious entertainment are fully aware of what they are doing…but most importantly they are in control!!! It may sound ludicrous and unbelievable……..Welcome to the world of hypnosis!

One of the many concerns I hear from clients before I take them into hypnosis is ” I don’t think you will be able to hypnotize me because I don’t like losing control” When a client tells me this I sit up in my chair and I get all excited to teach them that in actual fact, nobody can put them into hypnosis, if they don’t want to enter hypnosis, by using their own imagination they put themselves into hypnosis. I am only a facilitator and they either choose to follow me, or they choose to resist. These hypnotist shows are usually done in clubs, where people are under the influence of alcohol and inhibitions are lost and susceptibility levels for hypnosis will be heightened.

Hypnosis or hypnotherapy impresses to be alien to the norm, but contradictory to this entirely it is a complete natural state of mind. And we all go in and out of hypnosis several times in our day, it is believed we live 80% of our lives in the subconscious state (hypnosis). Most people believe that going “under” hypnosis is to be in an unreal world, but in actual fact it is a slight alteration to our conscious state, and the most accurate way to describe it is a daydream!

Another concept that I also love explaining to my clients is that you can “come out” of hypnosis whenever you want, you control how deep you go, and you can control when you want to come out. As a , it is my job to get to know my client, what they like what they don’t like, how they see the world, and then from there I can relate well to them under hypnosis, I can talk their language and give them stories that they understand and that is connected to their life and their problem. If as a hypnotherapist you can not engage your client, and get them to absorb what you are saying then the success of the outcome will be very poor. If the hypnotherapist is not keeping the client committed to their words then the client will naturally dissipate the suggestions. Another example of the client being in control even whilst under hypnosis.

After experiencing successful hypnosis, people feel, empowered and actually in more control of their life and their behaviors.  So if you have ever been worried about trying hypnosis, or getting the help you may need, due to a fear of being controlled then do yourself a favor and be hypnotized, and experience the freedom of being in control of your actions, thoughts and emotions!

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