“That” girl

Friends are posing and taking funny picture

A powerful slam written by one of my LYS 4 Girl’s. What a great insight for a teenage girl.


‘”That girl”

She talks with pride, and never seems to lie. But no one really knows what’s inside. With all her minions following her around, she never really seems to be feeling down.

She’s always talking,  about something rather, but really, I could just never bother. Because their conversations, she has going on, don’t actually interest anyone. Even though all her ‘friends’ are listening, they keep on yawning, and saying yes over and over like they’re trying to be interested.

My question is why? Why is it so important,  or like their goal is to make that one person happy, when they could be themselves and talk about what makes them happy.

A she strolls along with her followers, committed to a daily routine of talk, whisper and walk around, with no real goal but to unintentionally attract attention, she goes by her day just like any other.

“That girl” seems oblivious. Oblivious to the fact that her ‘friends’ envy her, but don’t know for a fact what they really want. They think its her hair, her perfect shape, the way she attracts attention at a very quick rate. But really what they want is to earn some sort of ranking, higher than a minion, or a follower, acting like a sheep.  They want to have their own big group of ‘friends’ and seem like a leader. But that girl doesn’t know that they seem to look up to her. This is stereotypical, popular, pretty girl, who seems to have it all. When in actual fact, all you NEED is one good friend, and one is all instead of 10.

So what I really don’t understand is why? Why do all these girls want to have to the longest, straightest hair, a perfect body, and over 7 friends, when they can have their own body, their own friends and still be beautiful in everyway

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