The only way is up!

What do you think of when you hear the word Depression? what does someone with depression look like?

The realisation is probably everyone reading this knows someone that is suffering from depression. In my daily practice I come across a person every day that is either feeling depressed or being medicated for depression!

Going back to my glass anaology chronic stress happens when the glass gets too full, anxiety occurs when the glass starts to overflow and depression is when the pressure from the tap running into the glass is too hard and fast that the glass looses balance and topples over, spilling most of it’s contents. Creating a bigger mess! It is the final stage, the positive is it can not get anyworse then this. The negative is you have arrived at rock bottom! All your happiness is drained out of you, your tired constantly, and you don’t look forward to anything. Your smile becomes fake and it may feel like there is a wall between you and the rest of the world. Suicide can seem like a welcome relief! If people who are close to you didn’t notice your anxiety when it started, they would definately be noticing some changes in you now. You have no mental emotional strength to hide your illness anymore! You feel hopeless and helpless! For someone who has never experienced depression, it can appear that these people are being lazy, selfish and pathetic. But in truth no one wants to have a deep black hole of sadness attacking their stomach strangling them from life. The outside world can’t feel what you feel, making you even more alone in your world of darkness!

This can literally be a life or death matter!

Remember back to the first blog I wrote in this series…..Chronic stress can be treated by you, through your lifestyle choices, exercise etc,….with anxiety relief can be achieved through talking, and help from a therapist…..Depression requires a much larger support team. A glass can not stand up on it’s own, and someone that has been knocked over from depression can not stand themselves. More health professionals and a wider support at home, helps to stand this glass back up! And quite contrary to modern day treatment of depression, this all can be achieved naturally, without drugs!!

fallen glass

There are many therapists of all sorts of modalities that treat depression, and it is up to the individual to decide what best treatment is for them, but I do urge anybody with depresion to consult a hypnotherapist, even as a sideline therapy to assist with their healing process, as the benefits can be magical.

If you or anyone you know is depressed, then get help immediately, don’t wait for the hope of tomorrow, it wont come! You need to know depression is curable, and you can feel better, hey you can even feel happiness again!

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