Are you living life for you, or how you think the world wants you to be?

I know for many years I had a beat up old car, I always used to get pulled over by the cops, and now that I drive a land-rover, I never get pulled over, EVER!

This is a mirror image of whats happening for us as a whole in society… we judge unconsciously, we know what it will take to fit into a society. Marriage, a mortgage, a HECS debt, some kids, a nice car and a slim figure.

Does that churn your stomach reading that? Mine too!

On a micro level we turn this judgement towards ourselves, if we have not ticked the boxes of what society accepts us as, we begin to start putting on the masks, pretending we are what we are not. Squishing ourselves into a hole that is not the hole that we are authentically meant for.

You might be reading this thinking ‘thats not me’, but I know it is!

You feel safer walking in the street towards a female as opposed to walking towards a man. FULL STOP

The problem with all of this is it prevents us from being vulnerable. We are always trying to keep up appearances by painting the picture that will present to the world our best side. There is no space for truth. Heaven forbid the world will find out…I’m struggling, I’m grieving, I’m lost in life, I’m depressed and unhappy.

So then we start to hate the fact that we feel this way and we criticize ourselves for not being a certain way, or having our shit together. Let me tell you lady, No-one has their shit together!

A human experience is not to be happy every day, and NO ONE has a perfect life, like the instagram pictures might show.

When we start to live life for ourselves, that’s when we find happiness. When we can learn to be more vulnerable that’s when we find out who we are, when we allow ourselves to show up in the world however we feel best, that’s when we find self compassion.

Others are drawn to you when you are you are YOU and you find confidence when you are YOU and you can be happy when you are YOU!


#authenticity #vulnerability

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