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We've been raised to think that hard work pays off. Company loyalty will get you climbing the ladder and working consistently hard everyday will bring you the results. Yep, to a degree, but at what cost?

I am not one to do the same thing everyday, I get bored and disinterested too quickly. The A type personalities can, I cant. I always thought it was something wrong with me, until I became a therapist and noticed there are so many people that start strong and finish poorly.

Our success similar to our diet, our taste in clothes and what lights us up in life are uniquely different to one another. I've noticed as a therapist I spend a great deal of time deconditioning my clients to understand that there is a way to achieve theses results, that is unique to them.

You have been walking around your whole life with the answers to your success, but you have been trying to model yourself off the Jones' and yet, you don't even want to be like them anyway, their boring. There life is not for you. It doesn't align with you, it's all out of whack. Just because you see your neighbour running every morning does not mean that you are lazy. You just haven't found your thing yet.

Of course in therapy, we unlock and heal and process past incidents, relationships and deep inner beliefs that are also roadblocks to our success. After that though, comes the expansive work. Understanding yourself, and what you need to succeed.

Do you know how we work that out? We visit many different places to experiment, and yes this is a life experiment. Becoming successful at anything is always an experiment. No one road is the one, Your road is the one, and we try things on so you know what road fits you best. We must have this loose idea of what steps will bring us success, otherwise we become rigid in our thinking and we will miss opportunities when they come up. Always be learning and taking information in, checking where we are at and moving the needle if we need to. And always doing it the way that suits you. Yes, your way may take longer, this is just perfect for you and your nervous system.

What if you have a goal to be healthy this year and you really value peace and quiet and alone time, you're in a job that sucks the life out of you and when you get home you feel blergh! Well, driving yourself to the beach and sitting by the water breathing in the ocean air, is healthy. This is better than if you had of plonked yourself on the couch and done nothing.

This little act of self care will change the wiring in your brain, it will expand your energy and it will support your nervous system.

Will it make you drop weight quickly, no! but it will be the pivotal steps to start that motion towards movement, for self care. Next time you might drive to the beach with your shoes in the boot, or your swimmers on. be peaceful and quiet, stretch, meditate, breathe, there are so many amazingly healthy things we can do that will support our health. it does not have to be all 5am alarm clocks and high cardio and high stress levels.

Take sometime to think about what it is brings you a happy nervous system and lights you up. Design your success path doing these things.

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