Our Journey

The final session

Our Journey

Nobody in the group ever wants it to end……..

As the facilitator of these groups, I too also feel emotional on the last session, as I have literally seen these ladies blossom into what they only have ever dreamed of being.

Last night marked the end of yet another amazingly successful group. A bunch of women who dance their own dance, stand in their greatness and embrace their once perceived flaws, as intended parts of their stories.

Throughout the weeks the group of women got to know my love for slam poetry, and one special lady of the group wrote and performed her poem for us to celebrate the journey they’ve all been on.

It touched me and the other ladies so deeply.

Here it is:

Our Journey

We walk in one by one heavy hearted,

Heads bowed down weighed with so much self hate

I’m nervous, you’re nervous too

Voices quiet and muffled as we pour our hearts out

As if it spill into a mud pit of more self hate.

My pain, your pain, her pain

It’s all much the same.

Week by week we share, we share, we share

It’s so crazy how strangers can come together.

We start to get to know each other tear by tear

Nat a diamond so dusty,

Kelly a ruby held down by rocks,

Sian an opal all hiding away.

Our crafty expressions

Our subconscious minds thoughts

They are our stories

Our ride of life’s lessons, and taunts

Look at us now

Together we stand, feet moving forward

Diamonds sparkling beautifully brave

Ruby so vibrant free from heavy hate

Opal all bright and rubble free

We are proud, proud to be us and no one else

Love Yourself Sick till it spills on the floor of everyone’s feet.

We are perfectly perfect and that’s how we will stay

Don’t let this good feeling fade,

Remind yourself again, again and again

This is your story do not damage or devastate.

Enjoy, appreciate, adore, worship, LOVE YOURSELF.

Love Nancy xxx

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