The Root of our toxic Relationships

Updated: Feb 5

Lately, I’ve been seeing lots of people that are having relationship issues. Mainly with feelings of rejection. Waiting in the wings for these men to turn and love them like they want, wasting so much of their time and energy blocked to any other relationship because they are holding onto the crumbs that these men have been throwing them.

This is a reflection of worth and security within self, that these women are questioning should I move on or stay? This lack of self love can also be the result of an entangled relationship that you may have with one of your parents that is keeping you from being able to move on and know that you are worthy of better.

It’s really beneficial if we take the time and the therapeutic space to heal and settle this old patterning with our parents so that we can attract the right kind of relationships moving forward. Sometimes, I hear ‘Not my bloody dad again, I’ve done so much work on him’ and believe me, I get it, I do.

I have had to work on my parents and my childhood more times than I want. The results have been wonderful though, across all levels of my life, so I have full intuitive guidance to lean into this with you, even though you resist it.

Our parents and the relationship that we have had with our parents sets the foundation for all the relationships that we have in our life. Our parents are our first loves. Sometimes, our parents couldn't be fully present with us because they were carrying griefs or traumas that prevented them from being able to fully access us. This will impact our future relationships.

We can end this patterning within us, by doing the work and when we do, we can move on and find the right forever partner for us. If you’re wanting to attract a healthy partner for you, then get in contact and lets do the work.

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