You cant lose weight because you’re lying to yourself!


I’ve seen many women over many years to help them lose weight…. even though i prefer to rather say help them have a better relationship with food, have more control over their life, love their body, make peace with themselves and their pain and suffering.

For the sake of this article, we’ll call it losing weight.

Losing weight is complex, the patterns of behaviour are commonly ingrained from childhood, and the emotional pain is always there.

What I have found astounding is that when we delve into emotional processing work to heal our thoughts with ourselves, most people will talk about feeling empty. Often women will feel this emptyness in the pit of their stomachs. No wonder you might struggle with food addiction. If you’re feeling empty emotionally, we would obviously try and fill that emptyness by eating, but we all know it doesn’t take the emptyness away, it’s a bottomless pit.

Since helping women over all these years I have come to understand that people wanting to lose weight are having a spiritual problem, now please don’t stop reading from here, I promise I’m not a ‘woo woo’,  actually I am, but let me explain…

When we have a healthy spiritual body, we feel like we are on the right path in life, we are aligned to our purpose on this earth. if we are not on the right path in life, we will get ‘feelings’ or emotions that show up as warning signs that something is not right. We must listen to them, and we must experiment with life to see where we fit, and what our purpose is.

Why are you not fulfilled?

The bold hard truth of the matter is:

If you are wanting to lose weight, you are telling a lie to yourself.

You must trust and love yourself enough to make sure that you live your life your way. The work we need to do, is not to count calories or burn them either.

We must build up your self worth, and encourage you to know that what you need and want in life is more important than anything else in the whole entire world. It’s more important than your children, your husband and your job.

We must make our happiness and fulfillment in life the most important thing in our lives.

If you focused your attention there instead of wasting your energy obsessing about food or your weight, you would feel so much better about yourself and the weight would decide it’s not needed anymore.

So instead of signing up for the next diet or exercise program, take yourself to the bathroom, strip off every item of clothing and look at yourself in the mirror, ask yourself ‘what do i want from my life.’ Don’t say to lose weight, cos that is lame and you have been on the surface for too many years about it now, lets get deep…

Instead, think about what it is that you want to experience in your life, how you want to feel and where you want to be in a years time. What passions do you have, what creative outlet do you want/ need, what friend group is important to you. What is showing up in your life that is making you feel worthless? What work do you want to do? What are all the things that make you feel full-filled!

Write it down, and start actioning that,  let this be your focus instead of getting on the scales and see how the shift in focus helps you to lose weight. This can be really bloody hard, it aint easy to come to the realisation that in order to feel fullfilled you need to change jobs. Or stop a relationship. This is really hard stuff.

But be gentle, take one thing, and start making progress straight away, however big or small the steps you take, just keep taking them.

If you need help with this, then I can most certainly help you take the action steps and mental adjustments required to make the change for you, and get you feeling Full-filled!

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