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To start your self love journey, you need to learn how to listen closely to your inner wisdom.  Too often we go in search for answers through external sources – books, friends, mentors, therapists. But who can know YOU more than YOU?….. Nobody! You can be directed on the right path by your little Buddha,  your inner wisdom, your pure self. It doesn’t matter what your question your wisdom will offer you suggestions that are right for you.

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so here is your first activity on your self love journey. Read through the tips on how to listen to your wisdom, and then listen to the 10 minute audio which wil

l guide you through the process, you will need a piece of paper and a pen to do this activity. After the audio is over sit with your notes or pictures and try and find the advice your inner wisdom has given to  you.  We are going to start out slowly asking, simple questions. For you to become good at this you need to practice it everyday. I want you to act on the advice from  your wisdom and let me know what happens in your day, how you feel being aware of your wisdom and living true to yourself. I am going to also be doing this exercise every day, and you can join my discussion about it on my facebook page: I would love for you to join the conversation and share your own experiences from this activity.

Find a comfortable quiet place Put your

mobile on silent, make yourself comfortable by either sitting or lying down. It doesn’t matter where or when in your day you choose to do this. I prefer to do it first thing in the morning, before the kids are out of bed. But you may like to squeeze it into your lunch hour or finish your day with it. Performing a ritual before you begin is helpful to quieten your mind and prepare you for relaxation. lay a quilt out to sit or lie on, light a candle or burn some incense, whatever gets you in the mood. If you  can have access to a peaceful place surrounded by nature, then I highly advise you to do the activity in this space, we feel more connected and open in natural environments.

Clear your distracting chatter  If this is

the first time that you are doing this type of thing, you may have thoughts of “I already know the answer” or “This is stupid”, “I can’t relax” these are just conscious thoughts. This is why I have provided you with an audio for you to start by doing a guided practice, so you don’t have to think too much. If you just follow my voice, these conscious thoughts will eventually be quiet. The main key is to forget about the desire to see, hear or feel your answer.

Understanding your inner wisdom It may communicate through feeling, symbols or pictures, or you may just get a deep knowing. All you have to do is without judgement sit or lie and listen. What you get may challenge what your conscious mind believes it “should” be doing.

Trust and listen.

Maybe it is something that your conscious mind doesn’t want to hear.

trust and listen.

You will have a deep feeling of knowing if it is right, when you hear it’s voice or sense a  feeling it’s clear and it makes sense. You will know it’s your wisdom because there will be no emotion attached to it.

After the short meditation, you will be left with either a clear understanding of what your wisdom has given you or you may feel quite confused when you look at your notes. There is a definite message  within these symbols and pictures or words, and only you can define them. The first thing you think of when this symbol/picture is presented to you is the answer. Whats important to know about this part, is there will be no “Oh My Gosh” moment! It will usually be an answer that you have thought of before, but maybe your ego has pushed it aside. Our wisdom is always there offering it’s advice.

Be guided by your wisdom Take the advice, and see how your day pans out for you, you know you are following your wisdom because your day will run smoothly in the area where you have asked for clarity. You may also find interesting things happen like, seeing symbols that where offered to you from your wisdom in your reality world, or hearing a song that connects to your clarity. We are on a journey to heal ourselves and create a life of intent and purpose.

Be careful of your ego  It may want to mock or completely reject what your wisdom is showing you. You will know it’s your ego because it will be loud negative chatter fuel’d with emotion, that is trying to fight for your attention. Your wisdom is clear, soft and pure. Your wisdom doesn’t get offended if you don’t head it’s advice.

By practicing this on a daily basis, and by heading your wisdom’s advice, You start trusting yourself. One of the main elements in a  healthy relationship is trust right?! If we don’t trust ourselves, we are always second guessing our decisions, we make the wrong choices and we end up relying too heavily on others opinions about our life!

Click on the link below to get your meditation

Inner wisdom mediatation

Ultimately, there can be no complete healing until we have restored our primal trust in life. ~Georg Feuerstein

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