1 reason why you struggle to love yourself

The bigge


The connection bit is easy…when you finally get there.

What gets in the way?

It’s the amount of weight we put on our emotions, it’s the voices in our head that we believe to be true, it’s the anger and the anguish that we choose to flirt with. It’s the fact that we believe the stories in our head, we fall for the threats and the drama.

Whats the truth?

We are not our thoughts, but our thoughts definitely shape our life. For example; If we feel upset we got there by believing in the stories or thoughts in our head and then the emotions come with it, our emotions seep into our energy field and then we send this message out into the universe. Our world will then reflect back to us the same energy we are putting out.

How can we stop the chatter then?

By prioritising yourself first!

Not believing in the stories that are cycling round in our head. It really is a choice.

Imagine….if you didn’t believe the drama in your head for a minute…Imagine the peace you would find in your mind?

When we can rise above our thoughts and drop into ourselves we can start to connect with and love ourselves.

The best time to do this is?

Without a doubt either first thing in the morning or the last thing of an evening. These times of day are more relaxed and gentle and unrushed giving us the space to breathe and connect.

How do I do it?

Just simply close your eyes and breath, all the thoughts are going to be there, keep dropping under them, soon you will feel a more gentler, softer, whisper, maybe symbols, but beautiful deep peace will show up. That my sista is the real you!

Once you learn to not believe the chatter in your head, the drama quickly goes away, you get to stabilise your emotions and grow your inner peace. 

Self love has begun!

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