A wonderful Inbox delight.


One of my many pleasures of this workshop is watching the transformation happen before my eyes. Each week the ladies showing up with brighter, clearer energy. Their eyes sparkling and their mouths smiling.

Here is her story:

‘When I was in my late teens and early twenties I thought as I got older  my confidence would improve, I would have more self-esteem and I would stop with the negative self-talk. But it didn’t. If anything it got worse. By the time I was 30 I knew I had to do something or I would never change. I went from counsellor, to phycologist to physiatrist . None of which worked for me.  I walked out of each of those sessions feeling worse than when I walked in.  I had almost accepted that I could not change. By chance I saw Love Yourself Sick on Facebook. In a moment of ‘maybe there’s still hope for me’ I emailed Lucy and booked myself in. I almost didn’t turn up on the first night,  I was so nervous of the unknown – the idea of a group session terrified me.  But I did turn up. And that is without a doubt the best decision I have made.  Over the weeks Lucy provides you the tools to allow you to learn to love yourself.  I laughed, I cried I shared stories with a group of women who whilst different to me, held similar opinions of themselves. The very thing I was most afraid of about (the group workshop) was what made this whole transformation work.  In 12 weeks my life has changed, as did my fellow love yourself sick pals..   I am now confident and I feel good enough to deserve better. I have a sense of calm that before I could have only ever dreamed about. I am not afraid to admit my ambitions. The Love Yourself Sick workshop was the start of a new life for me. I would whole heartily recommend Lucy and this workshop.

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