Dream journaling and how it can help you heal



Majority of us don’t remember them for longer than 24 hours, except of course if they are recurring or scary.

You can learn a lot about yourself through your dreams. When we sleep our subconscious mind attempts to process emotions and events from the past. We all have weird dreams, don’t worry. It’s almost like our subconscious mind just picks out random people, events, emotions and jumbles them all together into a story.

Instead our subconscious mind is sending the conscious mind messages about what is being processed or needs to be processed.

If you keep a dream journal you can maybe start seeing common themes throughout. Maybe there is lots of conflict, blame or running away from something. You might then be able to ask yourself some questions around this theme…

How do I feel about conflict?

ARE there some unresolved conflicts?

When is the last time I remember feeling in conflict with someone?

Am I in conflict with myself about something?

You might even be able to just write on the theme for a couple of minutes and see where you end up. Something will show up for you.

There is your ticket for healing and moving on…

It might mean giving someone a call, or booking yourself in to see a health practitioner that has the tools to help you heal or just doing the journaling exercise might be enough to make sense of some stuff for you.

There are so many ways to heal, and dream journaling is one of them.

I can also help you unlock some unprocessed stuff from your dreams. A couple of session with me will help you tremendously. 🙂

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