Get your body healthy with Lucy on Easter Monday!

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If you are you sick and tired of hating your body?

Feeling like you can’t enjoy life to the fullest because of your weight?

Lucy can help you enjoy life! Lucy can help you create funky goals for yourself and your body. Using Hypnotherapy and her Lucy magic, you will achieve these goals. Lucy is not going to lure you into any false sense of security, and tell you that it’s easy, and it will literally happen over night.


It will take grit. determination. commitment. tears and sweat. But Lucy will be mentally holding your hand the whole entire time. Lucy’s ‘get your body healthy’ program is four sessions. A fantastic starting place to get you moving (literally) towards your goals.

In this one on one, four session program.

– You will release any emotions that have been holding you back.

– You will create new and healthier routines and behaviours for yourself.

– You will gain confidence and belief in yourself. instead of your internal dialogue being ”this is too hard!” it will be rewired to “I can do this!!!”

Along the way you will have the option to form part of a team of ladies that are on the same journey as you, This will help keep you motivated way after you have finished your four sessions with Lucy. You will be given audio’s to listen to, to not only help you chill out and relax from your daily stresses, but as you listen to them, they will be literally rewiring your brain! (how cool is that?!)

This 4 session Get Your Body Healthy program is normally $350! Lucy is offering it to five lucky ladies on Easter Monday for $320. That’s right! Start on a Monday, literally after a weekend of pigging yourself silly. You will be more than ready to make your goals happen. You can relax over the weekend knowing that Monday is your day!

Monday you are going to change your life, your health, your future, your happiness!! If you want to celebrate with Lucy on Easter Monday and set your goals and make them happen, then make sure you book your spot Now!!!


If you wish to book your spot, text Lucy now on: 0424599264 Stipulate the time you request for your booking and your name. Lucy will reply to let you know if you were successful in securing your spot.

The times available are:



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