How to get your motivation back in the middle of winter


Motivation where are you?…..


Those dark cold winter mornings are extremely hard to embrace and even the dark evenings may sway our motivation to rather get on the couch and reach for the nearest blanket instead of going to gym.

How can we be focused on our health better in winter and don’t let the cold detour us from our healthy goals?

When we move from sleep to gym or work to gym, we have to change the way we think.

If we let the sleepy, comfy, cosy rest part of us make the decision to go to gym, what do you think she is going to say?

‘Go back to sleep, you’re too tired, keep resting’ – OF COURSE.

The trick is to elicit a response from the healthy part of you that is focused on keeping you moving closer to better health.

If you want to get this part awake and moving then you can do a simple exercise that will wake this part of you up.

Think for a moment about the last time that you where in the zone of feeling healthy and focused on your health. Let your mind arrive on a specific time when this was the case. Think about what you where wearing, what time of day it was, how you felt, who you where with. Get as much detail as possible. Think about the emotions you are feeling in this memory, and then ask yourself what is a symbol or animal that represents these awesome feelings for you in this moment.

Get a good picture of this symbol or animal and explore it in detail. this is the symbol that will evoke all these wonderful feelings for you.

So the next time you are driving home from work, just think about this symbol or animal…

You will naturally be more drawn to go to the gym because you will have allowed the healthy part of you to make the call. Not the tired and overwhelmed work part of you.

When the alarm goes off first thing in the morning, just bring this symbol or animal into your thoughts, you will be surprised with how quickly you will be up and dressed and ready for gym.

My symbol is muddy work books, steel capped and ready for anything. Most people get sunflowers and puppy dogs, and i get work boots.

It brings out my determined ‘every day do the work’ kind of vibe in me.

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