Hypnosis changes the way our brain processes information

When we are hypnotised our brain activity is more focussed than if we are awake. In a waking state different brain regions share information with each other, under hypnosis the brain regions are fractured and not talking to each other.

When our brain is more focussed and there is less regions talking to each other it provides the perfect space to absorb information. New ways of experiencing ourselves and new beliefs, new behaviours, a positive mindset. whatever you want really.

Because your brain activity is slower under hypnosis you might wake up from this state and think it's only been five minutes, when in fact it has been 30. We can lose all track of time and space while under hypnosis, and that is because the part of the brain that keeps the score in time and space has been ultimately switched off during this time.

A lot of clients open their eyes and see the room in more of a vibrant colour. Like the sun has come out brighter. This is the effect of the brains states not fully coming back online yet, and therefore information that they consume through their eyes are more concentrated.

Other common feelings during hypnosis is a floating feeling or a deep state of relaxation whereby the client reports not being able to move their arm to scratch their face. Again, this shows the fractured communication between the brain states, the part that controls our body movements and connection to our body has been dialled offline.

Of course at anytime you want to switch the conversation between your different brain regions back on you can through the simple act of thinking about it, and communication will naturally get back online even if you left a person in hypnosis, it's a natural state of the mind, so it will run it's course, similar to sleeping, we all wake up from it.

This is why hypnotherapy is so powerful, it's a space to drop new beliefs or anything you want into your brain, without the rest of your regions getting wind of it. If they are aware what is going on then they will dismiss, reject and cause chaos with the information that will not allow the full power to be felt and experienced.

Can you imagine the power of doing hypnosis everyday, absorbing new ways of experiencing yourself and your life. If you could practice this daily, you would change your life without a doubt.

The question is, are you ready to make the change?

Book a hypnotherapy session with me today and lets get you feeling amazing. Pop in the note description of your booking that you are here for the hypnotherapy and score your very own customised hypnosis to support you forever. Use the below link


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