I’m Back, and better than ever!

All of us trying to communicate with non English speaking Italians, and laughing about our bad attempts afterwards was one of the many situations that bought us all together.

I fell in love with my husband all over again, there is something to be said for having limitless time to spend with each other without being sucked away with other responsibilities, and I didn’t even get sick of the kids…much!

Like all holidays it has given me more energy and a new perspective on life and my work as a hypnotherapist.

Why is it, that when we go away on holidays we can see our lives in a better light?

My answer is:

When we remove ourselves from our life we can view it from a different place, We can see the whole picture, not just the little mundane or stressful day to day tasks that can so easily bog us down.

When we see the bigger picture and the bigger fruits of our labour, we change the story about our situation. We can be proud and grateful for our efforts and it looks so much better taking that step back.

The day to day life as a mum is exhausting right? But the minute we have a night without them we fall in love with them all over again, and we long for their incessant demands of our time.

You don’t need a six week holiday to bring about this new gratitude for your life, it can be as simple as an afternoon spent doing something completely different, something completely out of your normal day to day.

Go to a concert in the bush, Do a course in woodwork, volunteer for a charity… these ideas are completely unlimited.

You do not have to be unhappy with your life, it’s possible to feel better about yourself, your work and your family.

If you are unhappy, its because you are micro focussed on the nitty gritty stresses that don’t even matter.

You need to step away!!!

Take a break from whatever you are bogged down about your life and widen your lense, start seeing what everyone else sees.

Learn how to feel grateful for Your Amazing Life!

You dont need a physical holiday to achieve this.

Hypnotherapy can help give you this new perspective too. X

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