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Updated: Feb 5

Lastnight, I had the pleasure of hosting a masterclass on the Sacred Rebel Summit as part of the book launch that I co-authored in.

As I prepared my talk, I called in all the women that I have sat with in my practice over the years. It occurred to me that I have held space for nearly 2000 women. I sat in honour thinking about what I have learnt and how they have inspired me over the years. I got a clear inspired insight into what I have facilitated for these women and what has been the big blockages for them.

I spoke about Self expression and being true to ourselves as being a huge player in our self love journey. I felt so inspired as I called in all these women that I have sat with that I wrote a poem about what I see in these women.

Here it is. It’s called, I see you!

You are Gold worthy and resourceful with extra glitz.

Your belief in yourself has you playing with coal dust letting it suffocate your airways.

You are a cool spring day with plenty of new life to celebrate

You wrap your griefs an trauma's around you like thick blankets surviving a long winter

You are Thursday, the excitement and anticipation of good things coming your way

Your life responsibilities make you believe that you’re Monday. Do, do, do, get, get, get, tick, tick, tick.

You are the Queen of Clubs, you are the top of the pack, you have so much worth, you have what it takes to unshackle yourself

You keep showing up like the 2 of diamonds , scared to ask for anymore, supporting others in the pack.

You are a national park, wild and sacred with many layers to explore.

Except you force yourself into a well maintained city park to let people leave their litter all over you.

You are a waterfall, powerful emotions flow out of you.

You restrain it to a tap, only turn it on when you absolutely have to and only turn it on enough to fill a cup. Another persons cup.

You’re a yellow sapphire, different and unique and not for everyone.

You work hard to be a diamond, a girls best friend, one that everyone loves.

You are chocolate mousse, soft and comforting.

You think a family block of chocolate will be better though, so everyone gets a piece of you!

Lucy x

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