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Updated: Jan 17

You can not simply take one hypnotherapy technique and know that for everyone it will be successful, just like not everyone will respond to hypnotherapy the same as someone else.

There are so many ways to change the way you think, feel or behave.

Over the years of being a hypnotherapist I have seen some surprising changes and then no change at all.

I’ve seen a Man that smoked two packets of cigarettes a day walk into my office wreaking of old and new cigarette smoke. Told me that he smoked so much he even smoked in the shower.

After only 1 session with me he was smoke free. For his second session he came back in after a surf. He was so happy. He hadn’t touched a cigarette since our first session.

Then I have seen many clients that have been desperate for change, but after only one session never returned back again. 🤷‍♀️ cancelled their future appointments or just don’t show up for their sessions.

I have learnt as a therapist that change is not up to me. Change is up to the client. I can be used as a vehicle to hold someone’s hand 🖐🏼 and help them over the line. For some people I’m their secret ingredient to get them on the plane calmly, and for others It’s not the right fit.

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the hype of helping people, especially when you get showered with testimonials that is seen like you elicited the change for the client.

Change is within you. You must make friends with it and learn how to lean into it. Hypnotherapy can be your secret ingredient, but so could a million other things. It is up to you to find what works for you.

Here is the formula.

Wanting change + committed to change + (secret ingredient) = Change and success.

What is your secret ingredient?

I’d love to know from you. What have you tried in the past that has helped you make some positive changes in your life?

I’m a fan of vision boarding and listening to Gary vaynerchuk’s podcast to change my mindset, a gratitude practice helps and so does regular exercise for me. I’ve also managed to create wonderful emotional change with family constellations work and sound healing. How good is sound healing!?

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