Lucy Ellis Hypnotherapy opening her doors on 1st January 2015!

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A fresh new year is looming.


It’s exciting to be able to start a new chapter.

We can start with all the promises of what we want to achieve in this year.

We usually anticipate the fresh new year to be better than the last.

have you decided that 2015 is the year that you become smoke free?

Imagine…..being able to achieve your goal of becoming smoke free on the 1st of January. The first day of the year ticking off one of your self improvement goals, will set you up for a VERY successful year.

If becoming smoke free is something that you are ready to do, and you would like to do it soon. Why not NEW years Day?

I’m opening up my office for 5 lucky clients on New Years Day.  Come and kick YOUR habit on the first day of the year.

This is what’s involved:

3 x sessions

First session on New Years Day! Smoke free day.

Second Session on Saturday 3rd January

Third session we can be very flexible with, but generally it will be during the week starting the 12th January.

$260 for all three sessions and 2 x audios.

If you are wanting to get one of your resolutions ticked off on the first day of the new year then fill in the booking form to be one of the lucky 5 that I have opened my office up for on NEW years day! I will then be in contact with you via email.

You can only choose the time slot that has not been filled. Only 4 spots left now!

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