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winter comfort

Not many people enjoy winter. I on the other hand embrace it. despite the fact that we have draft central coming up from the gaps in our floorboards. I always like to embrace all seasons. There are so many ‘cool’ things about winter: blankies, bed socks, ugg boots, trackie pants, spooning ;-), fires, food…FOOD!!

soups and pastas and stews, it’s slow cooker heaven!!

It’s all about the comfort, but what other foods are comfort?………….the rice, bread, and of course hot puddings, ice cream and chocolate.

When winter comes into action it’s almost like grandma has left you unattended with the lid off the lolly jar. Free for all!!!

‘Go hard or go home’ is my minds motto.

But the curious thing about this is that you trick yourself into believing that you really are hungry! You’re likely to drink more hot beverages which of course can’t be consumed without a bickie, or two or three or a packet.

But what if, before you reached for the 5th biscuit you just closed your eyes for 5 seconds, you travelled down to your belly, and you really felt it’s capacity. you felt it bulging, you felt it full, and you realised. you’re completely full! and then you went on to tell yourself you’re full. Full of food, full of love, full on comfort, fulfilled with life,  full of bullshit at times, but none the less full.

Aaaaahh, and then you learn to feel comforted by your words, and thoughts…and then you realise your thoughts, your mind can help you to feel comforted, just like curling up on the lounge with your favourite blankie can make you feel comforted.

Written from underneath my blankie, no bickies in site……I promise 😉

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