Our Unconscious

The below is an excerpt taken from the Netflix series Freud, Set in the early 1800’s. In this scene Freud is trying to convince a room full of doctors and professors that we have an unconscious. I loved his description of our unconscious mind.

‘I am a house, in me it is dark.

My consciousness is a solitary light, a candle caught in a draft.

It flickers.

One minute this way, then the other.

Everything else lies in the shadows, everything else lies within the unconsciousness.

But they are there, the other rooms. Niches, gang ways, trap doors, hallways at all times, and everything that lives inside of us, everything that wanders around within us, it’s all here.

It acts, it lives within the house that is me.

Instinct, Eros, taboos, forbidden inner thoughts, forbidden inner desires.

Our inner thoughts that we not in daylight are prepared to see, as we have supressed them out of the daylight. They dance around us out of the daylight, they trick us and stalk us, they whisper, they flaunt themselves, they make us afraid. They make us crazy; they make us hysterical.’

By working with the unconscious mind we can gain access to these trap doors and shine a light on what’s not working. We can then create a positive shift in these places by laying down helpful and positive suggestions for successful outcomes.

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