Perfectionism is killing our happiness and our ability to fully live our life

Updated: Jan 17

Perfectionism does so much damage to us, we think it looks like tidy boxes with pink ribbons, but it is the destruction of living.

Perfectionism doesn’t allow you to fully experience life.

What is life?

Life is the ocean and the mountains, it’s the air and the solar system. It has light and dark. It moves without us having to do anything. Its our heart beat and the people that we kiss. It’s the adrenalin we feel when we do something that scares us, its the scones with jam and cream.

Life is also the guy that walked out on you, and the child that told you they hated you, its the bank account in arrears and the jobs, it’s all the jobs and responsibilities.

Life can feel messy at times, but when we get to surrender to the mess, without having to clean it up, put it away, hide it somewhere. We can feel free and released from being wrong.

You are not wrong.

You are life

Life is not wrong, it just is.

When you can look in the mirror and see that you are life, every red blemish, and spot of cellulite is life.

You can then see that you are just like the rest of the animals on the planet.

Amazing, and worth protecting and wanting them to thrive in life.

Perfectionism is a disease passed down through generations and caught easily, a disease that says ‘YOU’RE NOT GOOD ENOUGH’ you have to look better, perform better, and be a perfect person to be accepted and liked as a human. You can not simply enjoy life until you become perfect. You can not breathe a sigh of relief until your endless list is completed perfectly.

We need to put an end to perfectionism, it’s killing our happiness and allowing us to live a beautiful life.

We need to understand that there is nothing to change

because you are not wrong.

You have never been wrong, you have always been right, because…


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