Say yes to life!

We think too much.

The more we think about things the more we give ourselves space to harbor on the negative and talk ourselves out of things…

and those things are life.

When we think too much we move away from our intuition and our little buzz of life within us that is saying YES, and we decide to say NO to life.

We decide to miss out on meeting new people and having a crack at new opportunities. We play small and say NO. We put ourselves back in our box and close the world off.

Imagine if you were the lady that says YES more than she said NO.

You said YES to showing up, you said YES to raising the bar, that said YES to the endless possibilities and opportunities, just imagine where you would be right now in your life…

What sorts of adventures would you have been on?

Something absolutely shocking happens to our brain when we say YES as opposed to when we say NO.

When we say YES, our problem solving part of our brain opens up, we can think about things on many different levels and get this…. it makes us feel more confident, more capable and more ready for life.

When we say NO, our brain literally shuts down, because it is not needed, so our thinking and the use of our brain shrinks. This can make us feel a lacking of confidence and ability.

So saying YES is a great way to build confidence and grow as a person, it so good for our brain, cos it makes it work harder, and we feel happier and more content with our life, and the best thing, the thing I love most of all, is that we live our life with NO regrets.

Have a look at what you are saying to life opportunities, are you saying NO or YES more often?

Lucy x

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