Stop looking for the next thing to make you healthy and read this first!

Finding it hard to stick to any new healthy routine?

I know you want to be healthier, we all do.

But why do you find yourself drinking that wine and watching Netflix..every..single.. night?

I know why you do it, and you probably know why too. There is something blocking you!

We all know what we could be doing that will make us feel better or healthier, but what stops us from doing it, is something that we maybe unsure of how to address.

What if i was to tell you that, all behavior is driven from emotion, does that make more sense to you now?

If you are ending the day feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, stressed out or you have low self worth, then you will probably be likely to do behaviors that compromise your overall health.

Lets add to this the massive emotions that you are carrying around from your life that you’ve collected on the way, this could be trauma’s, grief, rejections, fear and disappointment.

That’s why motivation is a great kick starter into new things, new healthier habits, it gets us for a very short period of time in the right zone to step away from the old habits that are making you sick and start doing behaviours that are aligned with your goals and how you want to feel instead.

However, motivation doesn’t hang around for long, and if we don’t have the great emotional foundations underneath motivation to keep us doing the behaviours that are getting us healthy, then we will quickly fall back into wine and Netflix.

Please stop looking at the next diet, the next course, the next exercise routine, before you address, your grief, your anxiety, your rejection issues first.

If you get a chance to process these emotions, then the world is your absolute oyster, you can find the healthy emotions to keep you on track and finally achieving them.

Us Australians have a ‘she’ll be right’ attitude and this is making us sicker, we need to give ourselves the space and the time to heal from what life has thrown at us, we are not infallible, and it is OK to get help, in fact help is necessary if we want to live a healthy long and happy life.


To book an appointment with me to start peeling back the layers of your emotional blocks, go here 🙂

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