What is your sweet spot when it comes to successfully achieving your goals?

Staying on track for success is not a one size fits all. You have to find what works for you.

Some people might like checklists or star charts for themselves, and others like vision boards and meditating on their success. Whatever it is you have to find what works for you.

One thing is for sure you can not become successful in any goal if you dont focus on it in some way shape or form. By becoming successful with your goals you certainly learn a lot about yourself.

If you remember the last goal you achieved? The confidence and pride you felt, but what did you learn about yourself along the way? It could have been that you realise you need accountability, a goal buddy perhaps, or maybe you prefer to knock it out solo?

We’re all different, lets find out our sweet spot for achieving goals and what is it for us, so we can become more successful in our life in every way.

I’m going on a quest to find out what works for me, I’ve been inspired by Gretchen Rueben’s the ‘happiness project’

However, unlike Gretchen I may not write a book about my experiences, instead I’m going to share my story here, and I’m also going to have you come along for the ride on social media if you like?

I may even start a Facebook group that documents my findings, no promises as yet.

All the clients that come to me are wanting to achieve a goal of some sort, whether it be to lose weight, stop drinking, become more relaxed and peaceful, more confident or to feel better about themselves.

We can and we do, do the magic when we are together, but we need to also spend time focussing on our goal outside of the sessions to amplify the results. In my sessions we can remove any blockages that are stopping us, and we can awaken our motivation, but then we have to put it into practice, and that’s where a lot of clients may slip up.

So here is the plan…

Every month I will dedicate time to achieving my goal using tools we are all familiar with:

Journaling, vision boarding, gratitude practicing, meditating, colour charting, listening to motivational speakers everyday, affirmations, tapping, coaching, getting a goal buddy, reading goal orientated books, pretty much anything that I can think of that will propel goals into reality.

I will document my thoughts and feelings as I proceed through the month to show you what my discoveries are with each tool and ill invite you along to join in on the fun, so you can also experience for yourself what works for you in creating your goals.

I’ll be mainly posting on Instagram @lucyellis_therapy and Facebook Lucy Ellis Hypnotherapy so if you want to follow along, go and join me over there.

So tell me what are some of the goals that you are wanting to achieve in your life?

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