Who’s In Charge?

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Take Monday mornings for example

The alarm sounds,  you switch it off and roll over…ANOTHER WEEK. you want to hide under the doona and make it all go away, but you can’t, so you think of something that will make you feel better and  that will get you out of bed..it might be coffee. It might be a chocolate…it might be facebook. It will be anything that is going to console you so you can get out of bed.

This is how we roll through life. Letting our ‘INNER CHILD’ rule the roost.

Now if you were operating from your adult, Monday morning would look more like this:

The alarm sounds, you get out of bed, dress yourself for the gym / walk / stretch/ yoga….go do it, take photos of the sunrise, breath in the cool morning air, and count your blessings.Come home and make yourself a delicious fresh breakfast, and feel really ready and organised for the week.

Too many of us are being controlled by our inner child, and we are not loving life! It’s time to let your adult take charge, and show your inner child a new way to be, a healthier and happier way to live life!

You can begin this today, by looking at an area of your life where you know you act like a child. You will be aware of this cos it is usually avoidance or numbing type behaviour that will try and put a band aid over the emotion that you might be feeling. A reaction to an emotion that you don’t want to have.

For example; A feeling of overwhelm, where life seems hard or difficult. you might react by just doing nothing or eating, or watching t.v instead (good ole procrastination).

Take an area where your inner child is in charge and step into your adult!

What would your adult do instead?

Write it down.


Do it.

You will spend too much of your life feeling unhappy, overwhelmed or feeling like life is unfair, if you don’t step into your adult today and take control of your life.

Make sure that you let your inner child out sometimes though. It’s good to act like a goose when you feel the urge.

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