Hello and Welcome to 2014!

So it’s the 4th January and I’m sure mostly everyone has written great stuff on new years resolutions, and how to tackle this year.

So I’m a bit late…..But I have decided in 2014, I’m going to live! This may seem obvious, but what if you just focused on living and nothing else? I propose everyday will be exciting and enchanting!

So here is a poem to welcome in the new year, and hopefully get you to make sense of what I mean by living.


Life is about moving through and experiencing the elements,

good or bad.

Bitter cold, putrid heat, gentle breeze, stinging sun, kissing raindrops.

the biggest and strongest and oldest trees, have lived to see and feel, enjoy and embrace these elements of life. If their bark could talk we would be enchanted with stories of tyre swings, heart engravings, cubby houses, pet graves buried under their shade, lost branches, and the endless family picnics.

Life is growth, and with every new painful season we grow a little wiser to be grateful for the gentle seasons.

No matter how harsh and bleak winter is, it always ends. The sun eventually comes out to defrost our bones and our hearts, allowing us to crawl out of hibernation our eyes at first stinging with the brightness of the happy world, but once acclimatised, we dance in the celebration of life, and just like winter always ends, so too does summer, good times, also come to an end. Puppy’s, kissing your child in public, skinny dipping in the lake, family camping trips, orgasms, they all end.

This glorious life that we are all breathing in right at this moment is going to end.

We can not know when the summer begins and when the winter ends, but we can be certain that it will end.

Everything will end.

so enjoy each breath of life, enjoy each challenging mountain you climb, enjoy the tiny little insignificant, but greatly significant things, and take lots of robust risks, Just like there are no limits to life, there are not limits to your dreams, so dream great big enormous juicy dreams. you can reach the tops of the highest mountains and be who you are.

Be who you are, Be who you are, Be who you are!

let go of the I’m not good enoughs and the anxiety of life and just simply live!

Feel the impulsive nature of life and be in it.

Whole heartedly in life!

Instead of holding on through the storms, let everything go, and allow it to pull and taunt open and rape you, be vulnerable to the storm, it will end, just like life ends. and after the storm, lick your wounds, and take rest to heal, enjoy the calm and peace, and gentleness of life at this moment, because it is only after you have sacrificed yourself to a storm, do you really appreciate and can you really hear the gentleness of life after a storm.

and exhale,

do you hear that? that is life, the power of  life, and the only thing you may be able to feel is the constant beat of your heart, the life giving force, pumping life into your veins, your still alive, and your grateful, the sun comes out and life is happy, joyful, fun and youthful. But the sun can be the most deadly killer of all, masked by it’s big bright happy colour of yellow, it can be more evil than a hurricane and more torturous then the longest winter. Melanoma can also come in the form of destructive people, post traumatic stress, other such  diseases, depression. Melanoma, will suck the life right out of you. Will try and lead you off course, not thinking about living, but rather fretting about  dying.

We shall not think about death when we are living, otherwise we will not be living but purely just existing!

After each storm you are stronger than the one before. Learn through the cracks of thunder, and seek inspiration in the lightning bolt, so powerful and destructive, but so beautiful, lasting only for a split second, leaving behind a watermark, before the next loud crack of thunder comes and thrashes your heart strings and rips open your body, but out of the next loud crack of thunder, you start to make sense of life’s energy, and become inspired and intrigued by the wonderful flash of lightning. It is in the throws of the storm, we come up with the most amazing plans, that we can do to improve our life, and the challenge is in weathering the storm and once it is over it is then to take the reins of life and do what we imagined in our darkest of days, put it to plan and make it work for you while the sun still shines on, while life is being gentle, attack your life’s mission with as much power and bravado as the loudest of storms.

Exhale, do you hear that?

That is life!

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