A Promise to my Body

To My Darling Body,


Firstly I need to express just how rad I think you are!

There are so many reasons why I find you so rad, but here are a few from the top of my head:

You effortlessly create hilarious explosions of energy with your unique dance moves.

You can give birth! (who cares that everyone else is doing it) you’ve done it three times, and you nailed it! You’ve created incredibly delish children too.

‘You are the best cook ever’ Accolades from a very devoted husband and children. Move over Jamie Oliver!

But, I have a confession to make…..

Yesterday I was sent a CD of photos from my grandmothers 80th birthday party. There were several photos of you in there, initially I thought there were too many!! (ouch) Below are the comments that were passed onto you from me as I went through the photos:

‘Well, I’m not as thin as thought I was!’

‘Oh gosh, I hate the way I stand like that!’ (cringe)

‘Gross, I have old looking hands’

‘Not only are those arms really fat, what’s with the red pimply complexion?’

I’m so sorry for thinking this! I know you can hear everything I think! After working so hard on loving and respecting you, I then turn around and think like this!!

I realised on reflection that it was an automatic response, that I had no control over, and I promise next time I will stop Mrs Judgment in her tracks, and I will view the photos with admiration and acceptance. I wish to apologise to you with these new thoughts:

You are beautifully unique and I LOVE YOU.

You are fitter than you have been in years, and from the inside you feel so strong and powerful, and that’s all that matters.

The way you stand with your knees bent backwards like that, is part of you that makes you so unique. All your life you have coped slack from your family about them, and then I had to go and add to it!

I’m sorry!

From now on I will stand confidently with bent back knees!

The red marks and freckles all over your body is just a sign, to tell you that your sooo gorgeous even the sun can’t stop kissing you!

Your arms are strong and beastly! You give the best cuddles, and you can bench press the hell out of them. Never ever be ashamed of your arms.

Your hands may look more weathered than others, that’s because you like to do stuff, get dirty, rough them up, your hands are tools to create awesomeness. I don’t want to be a hand model anyway.

Also I would like to add, no photos of you are to be judged, but rather treasured that I am set firmly in a magical memory. Photos as special as me and my grandmother sharing a moment with each other, should be celebrated, because one day I will look at these photos and feel the deep emotion of that moment, that can not be expressed or had again.

I solemnly vow to you my dear body, that I will take more photos of you, and hold dear to me the memories and moments inside each photo. xx

Lots and lots of love

Your carer,

Lucy xx

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