Broken record or BrOkEn ReCoRd!

I live by the


I get bored so quickly!

Mundane tasks need to be spiced up all the time to incorporate different and creative ways of cleaning the house. Even when it comes to disciplining the kids, I am constantly  thinking up a new punishment, awards and chores system. The kids are used to it, and it’s good because it keeps them on their toes, it takes Ross (my husband) a whole term before he gets the hang of the system, and then I change it again…hilarious!

Sometimes this can be quite annoying for others around me and sometimes catastrophic, but in my career, and business I think it is an asset. As a hypnotherapist, you can fall into a comfotable pattern of same old same old.

A client comes for sleep problems, so lets just run that script for insomnia!!!

If I was to run my practice like that I would and could quite possibly go insane….with boredom! When I was training to be a hypnotherapist, we only got taught one type of induction technique, and I remeber thinking…”I’ll get bored of this”. If I was to see 5 clients a day and I had to perform that induction 5 times in one day, I wouldnt be able to handle it. So straight away I got to thinking, researching and creating, alternative inductions into hypnosis. So this is the way I have gradually adapted over the years as a hypnotherapist, always searching for fresh ways to deliver my therapy. But there are some things that you have to repeat on a daily basis.

An example of this: The bulk population don’t understand how hypnosis works, I have to spend a big portion of my day explaining it to my clients, and although I love the fact I’m spreading the information on to first timers, I sometimes feel like a broken record getting stuck and played over and over and over again. So I have to find new and creative ways to share the same information in different ways, although it is a challenge for me, I find myself getting really animated, and the funny thing is, the more I deliver the info the more passionate I feel about my field….I REALLY get emotional about it! Sometimes I get shivers or goose pimples and other times I feel all choked up, and then there are times that I feel like I’m defending my baby sister in the school yard.

Today as I was explaining to my new client that hypnosis is a natural state of mind I observed my arms waving around, and hand gestures going crazy as I encouraged her to open her mind to the possibilities of hypnotherapy. I had my client literally in a trance clinging to ever word I muttered. Therapy starts here! I had taken the focus off what I was saying and literally entertaing my client with passion, which became infectious. Even though I have a pre conceived idea that doing the same thing over and over again = boredom. I have also learnt this week that you can always find little gems in that mundane and neccessary task. It is so easy for me to express my love and belief in hypnosis, and because I have had to explain it so many times in one day, I no longer have to think about what I am saying, but more about how I deliver it.

another example: I could start cooking the same dishes, but each time experimenting with different elements or ingredients. Finally I would have a dish that would be unique to me, and was a show piece illustrating my passion for cooking.

What do you do on a daily basis that is a necessity in your work or personl life? and how could you vary it up a little to allow your passion to take control to produce the best results?

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