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self love

Self love is the most important thing in our life, for the sake of the world and to live in peace and harmony with each other it all starts inside, at the deepest part of yourself, under all the layers in the very centre there lies your pure self! To live and be guided by your pure self, you have to love yourself right? You have to put yourself in high regard, you have to trust yourself, you have to BELIEVE! and when you do this you can be, Truely Amazing!

Real and long lasting happiness is found deep inside us, living in your pure self, living in you right now!!! But your pure self may be being squashed or suffocated by all the other ‘rubbish’. In order to access the pure self we have to clean out the ‘rubbish’, and we can do this by practicing self love, by bringing awareness to our pain and fears and supressed emotions, by releasing childhood judgements and mending your relationship with yourself. Cleaning and clearing out all this ‘rubbish’, we can find your most valuable treasure. We find YOU!

Your pure self is not complex, like the rest of the ‘rubbish’, it is wholly made up of unconditional love! (powerful stuff!) You can live connected to yourself and the rest of the world through LOVE!!!! I am so excited to spread my love on to you! I have created a special type of program called ‘self love hypnosis’. My program consists of hypnotherapy and awareness coaching and consistent support. At this stage I am working one on one with clients, but soon I will be starting workshops! So for the month of February and possibly March I will be blogging on Self Love. The content’s purpose is to spread awareness and to offer techniques and tools for you to start your own inner reflections to find your pure self. My energy and excitement around this program is contagious so please be advised when reading the posts or doing any exercises you may have feelings of connection, beauty, happiness and rich love. ALL MY ❤ Lucy xxx

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