Healthy habit Number One: Movement

So many of my clients are unhappy with their health, their weight, they’re unhappy that they have to take so many pills each day or they’re unhappy because they do things they w

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This blog post is a series of 5 blog posts all about learning how to build in healthy activities or habits in your day, with the focus of how great it makes you feel, when you take control of your life, your health, your happiness.

I do not want to focus on any one negative habit, emotion or health problem, but in fact just focusing on what can be changed with the use and creativity of our subconscious mind. Our creativity resides in our subconscious mind, so lets leave it up to our subconscious to create for you new healthy habits, that are novel and that you enjoy doing. Habits that bring you comfort and sense of safety and love for yourself.

Today lets focus on moving our body….cast your mind back to child hood, and think about how you used to like moving your body. Was it hopscotch, or climbing trees, maybe it was riding your bike, or swimming in the neighbours pool all summer….ahh the memories of child hood! We didn’t have to think about moving our bodies when we were young, it just came naturally, it was fun it was something we loved to do. In one day we worked on cardio, stretching and building muscle, all without thinking or knowing what we were doing.

Some of us used to over hear our parents say:

‘he’s a bottomless pit, can never fill him up and just look at the size of him…half he’s luck.’

Well we know that it wasn’t because we were lucky, it was because I body was using the food for energy, it was being burnt day in and day out.

I encourage you to find a type of movement that you love to do, that brings you the same sense of fun and enjoyment. Then go ahead and lock it into your everyday or most daily activities. You may have gone months or years even liking the look of something but haven’t tried it. You could be missing out on heaps of fun…… find the closest place to sign up and make the call NOW!.

Don’t let the excuses stop you from having fun and enjoying life, you will find the money, the time and the courage, when the time comes.

Life is for fun, movement is fun!

Feel free to let me know in the comments what you do in your daily routine that gives your body the movement it loves and wants to do.

Until next time


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