Lets celebrate Calm

Poor old  calm, it never gets nearly as much attention as being busy does.. Busyness takes all the focus off calm. People like to talk about how busy they are, that’s nothing new.

But aren’t you bored of being busy all the time?…….. I am.

I’m sick of saying to people when they ask how I’ve been….’We’ve been really busy’

Since when did busyness become so glorified?……I’m putting an end to it, and I want you to join me. For the love of our adrenal glands our overall nervous system and happiness! We need to stop this busyness hype.

But how you ask?

Does the prospect of calm feel like another world to you? Do you even know how to grasp it? Even if you’re not doing anything and you’re trying to relax, is your mind still lost in that forest of busy?

Did you know it is possible to feel calm in stressful situations?

I’m not asking you to cut down on your social life or tell the kids they can’t do their favourite sport anymore. What I’m asking you is to choose calm, whilst attending to all of your responsibilities. Choose a headspace of calm. You know, go to your happy place.

All of us have the ability to feel calm, and go there often, some may just need to relearn it.

So…..close your eyes and think about what calm looks like to you? what does calm feel like? what does calm sound like?

three things. How it feels, how it looks, how it sounds.

Write it down.

CALM: It’s not intense, it doesn’t have a story to it, or an emotion that is going to whirl you into another hallucination. It is just there, minding it’s own business, waiting for you to enjoy it.

So take this vision, this sound and the feel of this calm and use it  whenever you need to distance yourself from life’s dramas. You can have a list a mile long to do, hard things for you to take hold of, and you can still feel calm. Our minds can be hell but they can also be used to access and enjoy heavenly feelings and thoughts.

Lets glorify calm.

When you bump into someone you have not seen in a while, and they ask you how you’ve been….you answer ‘really chilled and calm’ Even though you’ve had sick kids and been flooded with work. You can still choose calm.  I’m sure you will get some shocked responses.

and the added bonus: Glorifying calm, will actually bring more calm into your life.

Celebrate that happy place in your mind today!! Busyness is not invited.

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