Live life on purpose

Emotions are energy that move through us. They are bought on by our perception of situations. Our thoughts change the energy in our body.



You literally change the energy and the biochemistry in your body through your thoughts.

So, in order to have a satisfied and fulfilled life, a life of happiness and joy, we must become more conscious of the thoughts we are having. 

We can then train our brain to think differently about situations, and we can teach ourselves to have a more optimistic outlook at life. Leaving us feeling happier and more fulfilled. Without changing a single external factor.

The next time you catch yourself experiencing a strong emotion…use this time to get an understanding of what thoughts you are having.

Just Be aware and notice.

Remember these thoughts are just thoughts, they certainly are not real, they are not telling the truth. You can change the way you think about the situation if it’s relevant to do so. 

If the emotion is uncomfortable, then maybe you can challenge yourself to think differently about it?

You can just make it up!

Its as simple as this to get you living your life on purpose. Its a stepping stone in the right direction.

From here you can move into creating the life you want by thinking about it, visualising it and manifesting it. Directing your mindset on a daily basis to live life on purpose.

Let me know how you go with it.

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