Not achieving your goals? Here's why!

Updated: Feb 5

Are you sick of wanting to achieve wonderful things for yourself and finding yourself spin around the sun for another lap and not much changing except the fat on your belly growing and a few grey hairs sprouting reminding you of the ticking time you have left here to do all those magical things you wished and desired when you were young.

Now you're older you may have thrown some of the big ideals like, live in every country of the world for one year out the window, and your goals may look a little less dramatic, maybe to be better with your finances or be fit enough to run a park run.

Apart from hustle, dedication, dream boards, affirmations, reading 100's of self help books and an extremally strong will power, you are still not sure how to create a more easy and graceful path to achieving what you want in life. The above is sometimes needed, but the golden tip to easily creating your goals, lies in understanding, REALLY understanding what you live for. what you care about and how you want to live your life.

It's a good idea to reacquaint yourself every year with your values. Our values are the lighthouse to which we move towards, otherwise we are lost out at sea, bobbing around getting bounced around by the waves and heading in the direction the current is going. To take control of our life which supports our mental health we have to know what's important to us, what we really care about and then, then our goals can become our reality.

Follow these steps to familiarise yourself with your values so you can achieve your goals

1. Answer these questions:

- If you were throwing a birthday party and everyone you loved was there and they all got up to do a speech about you, what would you want them to say about you?

- What makes you feel most alive and most at home?

- How do you want to be remembered when you die?

2. Write a list of your top 10

You could even do a top 5 or 7. No more than 10. The simpler the easier. At this stage you will have words, for example; Fun, Caring, Adventure, health, family etc.

3. Value is a doing

Now we need to turn your list into actions. You don't value family. You value spending quality time with your family. For each word on your list go ahead and write what it is you enjoy doing for each word. Another example might be instead of Inspiration, you might choose. I value living creatively. Spend sometime with this, each action for your value list, needs to feel good when you write it. If you are not connecting with it, keep working it until you find the right fit for you. This is crucial.

4. Write down a specific goal that you want to achieve

Remember, The more specific and detailed the better. Can you see that when you connect with your goal, you can start to feel or visualise yourself doing some of the values on your top 10 list?

5. Bridge the gap

Now you have the goal, and you have your values, which are the way in which you live to feel fulfilled in your life. If you value being strong in your body and feeling energised and in control of your health, then... How will that support me in my career? or in finding the right soul partner? Of course it will! If you keep this value alive in your daily habits and rituals. You will reach higher vibrations and attract the better job and the most connected partner.

6. Focus on BEING you

When we turn our focus to living true to our values, our dreams and goals are highly attracted to us. They will come to us, without all the hustle and the hard work. Focus on how we want to be as a human and teh rest will follow.

I am so interested, what are your values? Please share with me.

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