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We can all have behaviours we want to change or emotions we want to be free from, but if we sit and think about doing a different behaviour or ‘wishing’ to feel better nothing changes.

In order for something to change we have to do. The doing part is the obstacle for most people. The hardest one to climb over.

We might consciously be aware that walking in nature makes us feel better, but when we are feeling yucky, we choose to sit inside, doors and windows closed, and we physically remove ourselves from what brings us peace. It seems illogical right?

But, we keep doing it…

Let me explain how you can get over this obstacle, and live a brilliant life!


Whatever the thing may be for you… (insert healthy habit you are wanting to achieve)

We don’t go for a walk in nature just so we can shake the yucky feeling.

We go for a walk in nature because we get connected, we feel the sun on our skin, and it aligns with our values and how we want to truly live our life, not because we SHOULD go for a walk.

Changing the mindset of eating a salad because I’m on a diet to lose weight.


eating a salad because my body bloody adores it, and it makes me feel great, and gives me heaps of energy.

That is the determining motivator in falling in love with the ‘thing’.

If you are not going to enjoy the crap out of it, then you will NEVER maintain it!

The trick is to find a way to fall in love with the ‘thing’. The easiest way you can do that is to engage with stories in your mind that ‘sell’ you on the idea of the ‘thing’.

How does doing the daily ‘thing’ fit into the picture of how you want to be in your life?

Then get a picture in your mind, a feeling in your body of the big picture and anchor it in, every time you think about this ‘thing’ you may encourage the feelings and achievement and success it brings you to live your life this way…

This will help you form part of your identity. so when you do have a cheeseburger for lunch instead of the salad, you are not aligning yourself with failure or regret or a ‘takeaway addict’… because your identity is to eat clean, and you cant wait to get back to it after the cheeseburger. 🙂

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