Stress is your doorway to growth, will you walk through?

Updated: Feb 15

Feeling uncomfortable gives us movement in our body that doesn't feel great, it's stirred up energy

that floats around within us like a bee trying to escape, but to where?

Being uncomfortable like internally stressed about something, is good stress. Yes, there is such thing as good stress. In fact, stress is crucial to our survival. Broken down, stress is a feeling of unsafety. It's time to act. It's time to do. There is an urgency about it. Something is out of balance, and all we have to do is listen and respond.

A terrible way to deal with this, is to sit and stew. If we stagnate our body, the bee will get into our thoughts and we all know how that ends. Restless sleep, or no sleep. Anxiety and in some cases depression. This is where your every day stress can pile up and become a bee hive - toxic stress and poor mental health.

Being uncomfortable is a normal and necessary part of living and growing in our life and it is directly related to being out of alignment with our values. Lets say that you have a meeting you have to host tomorrow at work. You hate being the centre of attention, you struggle to let your words flow easily and Josh the team manger intimidates you. If you sit down and pick your fingernails thinking about all the things that could go wrong. That bee has already made it's way into your ear, and now your beauty sleep will be ruined. What if instead, you thought about the reason you are in this role, why you're doing the work that you do and where you want to take this. Now you're aligned with your values, that bee in your belly will be lighting a fire of passion and purpose that will change the thoughts you are having in your mind and instead of picking off your nails, your fingers will be busy typing on the keyboard a beautiful message for your meeting tomorrow. Of course we might still have the jitters, but we are more positively equipped and ready for the meeting because we helped that stress out of our body by moving it through action not inaction.

Stress is a doorway to growth and a better life. It's asking us to steer the ship back to our values through taking the appropriate actions. Over time we start believing in our ability to handle difficulties with strength and positivity. We are more focussed on our purpose and values, which ultimately makes us more successful.

To recap, stress is good. Being uncomfortable with where you are at is the first warning sign of stress, listen to it. Let it motivate you to take action. Recalibrate on your values. what's important to you? Focus on that. write them out, refamiliarize yourself with them. Take action from this space. Let the bee in your belly drive you.

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