The Most Important Goal settng strategy, to losing weight SLOWLY!


Because the excuse list for anybody that wants to lose weight , thinking about starting or having just not made it again at another diet, is damn long (like pages and pages). And sadly I see a lot of women getting all caught up with focusing on the WRONG stuff (which means their weight loss dreams and wishes, ends. Which is not what anybody wants!)

So what is the RIGHT thing to do first?

Well actually that is easy, and it doesn’t matter how long you have been ‘trying’ to lose weight, or how much you have to lose, to feel healthy and fit.

The number #1 thing you want to do right now, if you are serious about losing weight, or even just feeling better, is you need to sit down and get clear on a tiny, tiny, tiny goal that will help you lose weight

[pause for freaked out gasp!]

The tiny goal Challenge is one I like to give LADIES whenever they are feeling a bit stuck. And there are lots of reasons for this.

1 – It gets you clear on WHAT you have to do to lose weight (and HOW you’re going to go about achieving it). 

2 – It helps to kick start your engagement on your weight loss (when you turn the awareness switch up a notch or ten, motivation is born!).

3 – It helps you to see what your obstacles are and face them head on (it’s not always what you think)

4 – It will get you putting things into ACTION! (and we all know it’s all about ACTION)

5 – You will now have direction, you will know where to focus your attention on to get results.

It’s simple really!

Here’s how to write your  tiny, tiny, tiny goal that will help you lose weight

1 – Make the time & the space

So firstly, when you make the decision to write your tiny, tiny, tiny goal that will help you lose weight, you are going to have to probably adjust your day to set time aside…or just do it straight after reading this post.

 You will need a spare 5 – 10 minutes. You will need no distractions and heightened focus.

2 – Plan it out

Step by step…How do you reach those goals? don’t miss any details. This is where you get really specific

 – Really get to know yourself. What are going to be some of the resistances? hurdles? have a plan for this.

– Research – see what has worked well before (what got the most results, successes, achievements)

– Brainstorm – Do a big brain dump and then assess and refine down to your top 10 ideas.

– chunk each goal down into tinier bite sized pieces…go really tiny, as tiny as you can go.

for example one big goal might be to cut sugar out…lets chunk this down, to one grain of sugar at a time.

it might just be to cut sugar out of your coffee and tea. THIS IS ACHIEVABLE!

Cutting sugar out one grain at a time.

3 – Put your heart & soul into it

If you are going to do this, you need to commit to it 100%. Write your commitment down.

Use a diary to journal your success, your emotions and any other thing that you want to write about.

4 – TAKE ONE OF THESE tiny, tiny, tiny GOALS

Weirdly what we think we need to do is set ourselves really high standards. I see it all the time. Ladies create Unachievable goals, only to feel like a failure when they don’t reach them. I would bet money that you will succeed in losing weight and keeping it off if you just achieve one tiny, tiny, tiny, tiny,goal at a time.

5 – Keep creating tiny, tiny goals (until you reach your happy place with your weight)

If you noticed any sort of positive change in your weight loss and general feeling, then keep on creating these goals.

Momentum is everything!

and momentum creates motivation, and this is just one awesome circle of success!

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