Tis the Season to Feel the Pressure.

Whether you’re a single person that lives with her cat, or a mum of four with two goldfish a dog and a hermit crab,  then you feel pressure to do life better

Pressure to: hold all the balls in the air, always have clean clothes, know how to make a quick decision , be a good person, always do your best, look like you have control over your life, not disappoint anyone, do the right thing, always be kind, solve all problems, know what you’re doing everyday, look good, pay your bills on time, have strong will power, never get judged by anyone,never make a mistake. Especially if you’ve made that same mistake before.

That’s a lot of pressure.

A LOT of pressure.

Notice that all this pressure is self delegated pressure!

I decided to write this post, as it’s the 1st of December tomorrow!

It’s tradition to put your Christmas tree up on  1st December.

with everything that is happening in my life…NOW….We have to ‘fit’ the Christmas tree in….can you feel my pressure?

Do you do the same? Does this Christmas tree appeal to you? It would be easier right?

funny christmas tree

But this pressure can create problems. It takes the joy out of sharing the time with your family.

In everyday pressure it takes the joy out of your life.

So, let me see if I can help take some pressure off you, especially for the festive time, so you can enjoy yourself the most!

First. Awareness: Lets face it, you’ve got heaps of stuff on your plate. Then Christmas comes along and nekminute you’ve got stuff overflowing off your plate. Become more aware  of your responsibilities. What is that ‘stuff’ on your plate? Write it down, get clear about what you’re doing.

Second. More awareness: Notice how you feel when you’re doing the ‘stuff’. Are you stressed out and thinking of the next thing? or are you judging yourself for not being organised enough, good enough? Just become aware of the feeling when you’re doing those things on your plate.

Third. Super awareness: Think about the things you like to do, or that you want to like to do. Give yourself permission to enjoy it. Emails, phone calls, large washing piles pfft. Let that shit go! Go into the activity with the attitude that this is going to be fun. No matter how tired or stressed you are. This is important and get into it and enjoy it.

Then, notice how you feel.

argh..there it is ….enjoyment!

I thought so.

I’m going to put up that Christmas tree tomorrow with my angels…I’m going to put on the carols and allow the ornaments to be dotted around the tree unevenly. I’m going to dance with my husband underneath the mistletoe,and I’m going to watch the excitement in my kids eyes.

I wish you all the enjoyment for this festive season.


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