10 reasons why you need to Love Your Body Sick as!


There are still spots available for you to book in.

Some of you may be wondering why should I do this? What will I get out of it? and do I really need this?

Well here are my 10 reasons why you need to book in for my ‘Love Your Body Sick as’ workshop.

1. You have your body for life right? So why not enjoy it!

2. Instead of looking in the mirror, and going ‘uugh’ look in the mirror and say ‘My, my I’m a magical miracle’!

3. Stop abusing and start nurturing.

4. Learn how to move your body – take up space. Behave in a way that says ‘I’m here and I’m showing up and creating a dynamite life and I’m doing it with my body’.

5. Get your sexy back. Feel so gooooooood in your own skin!

6. Respect the time and energy the food has taken to grow, and nourish your body.

7. Celebrate your body! There are NO two bodies that are the same. What makes you and your body unique?

8. Become a body loving hero!

9. reflect to the world what your thoughts are about your body. If your confident, you reflect this to the world.

10. Throw away your scales and feel the freedom!!!

I’m passionate about teaching women to LOVE their bodies warts and all.

If you need to love your body, head on over to my ‘Love Your Body Sick as’ workshop page and book in today!

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