I love writing, well I love that moment before I write, thinking up all the wonderful posts I could write, and then while I’m doing it, it can be tedious, my fingers can’t keep up with my mind, or wait a minute my mind has left my body, and it seems to be more engrossed in staring out the window at the neighbours garden.

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writing is lots of work, and depending on the work you put into your writing depends on how happy you are with your piece, but I’ve never been as happy as what it feels like to come up with the idea. Could this be the same as weight loss? It’s always funnier imagining yourself a certain weight, but when it comes to doing it…… What about chasing the perfect career? Thinking about job satisfaction and the paypacket is easy, but thinking about the years of university study may leave you nauseated.  This is the time that one would usually throw in the endless excuses towel and walk away from the gym, or drop out of uni, or leave your blog hanging high and dry, and your list of followers depleting.

But my mind keeps coming up with posts, more and more posts, I have to write them down, and then when I’m given the space to write, I go back to read them and I think to myself rubbish, rubbish, rubbish….and I sit and wait for the right or better idea to come to me, and the neighbours garden again.

Today I went to gym, my gym is a crossfit one, and I have these great ideas of my fitness improving and me doing better, and not so amateur anymore, after nearly 7 months doing it. However I came butt last in the WOD (work out of the day)! Everyone lapped me, and I figure I am not the pro I think I am in my head. But I will show up again tomorrow, ready to kick my own butt with visions of coming first or lifting my PB

I think those times you are defeated, makes you realise that you have to dig deeper, and try harder, push yourself more…..there is a comfort zone that we all seem to live within, the greatness will happen if we go even further write even more, show up to gym everyday with a great attitude, make that appointment to talk about that anxiety that has been holding you back, ask for a raise, keep going for that other job, broach that hard to talk about subject with your collegue or friend, make the changes in your life that allow you to lead an all in life, 100% of you in all areas. What can you do to dust of the cobwebs of your blog today?, what attitude are you taking to gym?, How are you going to interact with your children? how can you make your day at work that much more fun? and the house, what room are you going to clean for perfection?

this blog post was inspired by day 3 of the hero to zero challenge!

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