Bill’s Success Story

This afternoon I got a call from a client I saw more than 12 months ago.


The reason I am sharing Bill’s story with you, is because I want it to be a message of motivation, to encourage you to just start. Because quite often, as I refer to a quote I read on my door every day and maybe Bill read it when he was in here too. ‘Big things have small beginnings”

Sometimes just starting something sets the wheels in motion and you gain more motivation and determination the more you action your goals.

Bill’s story

He phoned me to tell me how grateful he was that I helped him.

He told me

”you Saved my lif’e”

Gasp!! This is always hard to hear, because you know you didn’t really save their lives, but you were more of planting seeds and hoping they would grow.

I of course laughed and said.

”Oh Bill, coming to see me was just the starting point”

But he was adamant, he said

‘since coming to see you my whole life has done a 180”.

He then went on to tell me how he had transformed himself. I listened with absolute awe.

Lets back track a moment

March 2014 Bill came to me to ”give up the grog”

He was 53 years old at the time and 94 kilos. Not a tall fella at all!

He was wearing a sleep apnea mask every night to bed and took blood pressure pills.

He had three sessions with me, and became drink free.


He then went on to lose 18 kilos, by cutting out all sugar from his diet.

His blood pressure is back to were it was when he was in his 20’s, therefore he is not taking that medication anymore.

He also has booted the sleep apnea machine.

He runs / walks, lifts weights and does core strengthening exercises everyday of his life. And happily tells me he has a four pack.

He just loves his new life, his new energy, his new freedom.

It was a beautiful conversation. There is nothing more as a therapist you want to hear than that your clients aving wonderful success, and living the life they once only dreamed of.

But I did not make this happen for Bill. Bill made it happen for Bill. He wanted it, he phoned me, he made the appointment, he committed to his sessions, he came and did his homework. Bill did this himself.

Success is a basic formula WANT + ACTION = SUCCESS!

So, what do you want?


What’s the first step you’re going to take to achieve it?

*For privacy and confidentiality, Bill’s name is not the true name of the champion in this story.

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